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  • NEW MACHINERY SALES - We represent over 25 major equipment manufacturers serving the textile laundry & industrial process water industries.
  • PartsPLUS® - Our extensive inventory, computerized order processing and same day shipping gets you the Right Part Right Now!
  • SignatureSERVICE® - R.W. Martin factory-trained personnel are experts in maintenance and repair.
  • PRE-OWNED MACHINERY - Buy, sell & re-manufacture quality late-model pre-owned machinery without hassles online or offline.
  • PROCESS WATER SOLUTIONS - Authorized Master Distributor of Thermal Engineering of Arizona, Inc. self-contained direct contact SUPERHEATERS® offering outstanding thermal efficiencies of near 100%

EQUIPMENT RECONDITIONING - A great way to extend the life of either in-house or recently acquired laundry equipment is through reconditioning. The experts at R.W. Martin are able to evaluate a machine, access the work required to ensure a machine is in good operating condition and provide a detailed estimate for the work. The recondition work is processed through the R.W. Martin facility utilizing proven operating procedures to ensure consistent, reliable outcomes. Reconditioned laundry equipment can be provided with limited parts and service agreements similar to those provided for remanufactured equipment.

REMANUFACTURING - R.W. Martin & Sons has produced hundreds of remanufactured machines in our history. We can tailor the remanufacturing process to your requirements and your budget. In general, the process involves a complete inspection of the machine to determine the complete scope of work. The equipment is then completely dismantled and parts and assemblies are stripped, blasted or cleaned as required. All defective, broken or substantially used parts are restored to sound condition or replaced with new or remanufactured parts. The machine is reassembled, rewired and re-plumbed to like-new parameters. Once reassembled, all safety labels and guards are installed as required. The unit is fully load tested to ensure proper operation. The entire remanufacturing process is documented to ensure traceability. Once the unit is shipped and installed at its destination, an R.W. Martin technician will perform start-up on the machine and train your staff on maintenance and proper operating and safety procedures.

WIN-WIN - Whether reconditioning or remanufacturing, our objective is to achieve a "win-win." We partner with our customers to ensure they receive maximum benefits from any equipment or service transaction. Throughout any project we welcome inspection visits from our customers and provide project updates to ensure seamless projects. Remanufactured or Reconditioned laundry equipment at a fraction of the cost of new machinery, with peace of mind due to continuous R.W. Martin support...it's a Win-Win!

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