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As the leader in pre-owned laundry equipment sales, we are also one of the largest used laundry equipment buyers in the country! At R.W. Martin, we buy hundreds of pieces of equipment each year.

Generally, when a customer wants to sell laundry equipment, the objectives are to maximize the return and minimize the hassles. When you sell commercial laundry equipment through R.W. Martin, you have the peace of mind in knowing that we are specialists at accomplishing both goals.

Maximize your return:
The most harrowing aspect when you buy laundry equipment is the ‘unknowns’. What is the condition of the equipment? How was it serviced? Was it operated properly? etc. At R.W. Martin, we work to eliminate as many ‘unknowns’ as possible. Once an agreement is reached to sell laundry equipment from your facility, we perfom extensive research and investigation. This research is done to ensure that when we approach potential buyers with your equipment, we can answer their questions to increase the level of confidence in the equipment. An increased level of confidence in the representation of the equipment translates into a greater return for you, the seller.

Minimize the Hassles:
We buy hundreds of pieces of laundry equipment each year. Our acquisition process is always the same. Once we are contracted to sell commercial laundry equipment from your plant we will perform our research. We will inspect the equipment in depth to prepare for any questions our customers will have. Performing an in-depth investigation up front ensures that you continue to be hassle-free during the sale process.

R.W. Martin is the industry leader when it comes to laundry plant liquidation. R.W. Martin has been utilized to sell commercial laundry equipment by many of our customers over the past 42 years. We have been hired to liquidate laundry equipment from operating and closed facilities. R.W. Martin has been able to sell industrial laundry equipment as it sits at your plant or rigged out and stored at our warehouse. Either way, our objectives are the same. Maximize your return and minimize the hassles.

Whether you're selling a single piece of laundry equipment, replacing your laundry one piece at a time, or selling an entire working plant, we perform all acquisitions with the same integrity and professionalism we display in all areas of our business.

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