New ESG Stainless Steel Valves

Why replace your failing brass water and steam valves when you can UPGRADE TO STAINLESS VALVES FOR LESS?

RW Martin is proud to announce its partnership with ESG valves.  ESG produces high quality stainless steel valves for your washer extractor water and steam lines that will cost less than the industry standard  brass valves.  These stainless steel angle seat valves last longer, perform better and eliminate water hammer. 

 Tired of downtime when your valves fail? Contact R.W. Martin to discuss our new UpTime! program.  Have a new valve on the shelf when it's needed to eliminate costly downtime and shipping costs -- The Right Part. Right Now. 


How to Order

Contact our parts department today at 800-635-4363 or e-mail us at for more information.

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Featured Valves

JF50120YN -  3/4" 316SS Angle Seat Steam Valve w/50mm Actuator

JF90S132YN - 1-1/4" 316SS Angle Seat Steam Valve w/90mm Actuator

JF90S150WN - 2" 316SS Angle Seat Water Valve w/90mm Actuator

JF90S165WN - 2-1/2" 316SS Angle Seat Water Valve w/90mm Actuator

JF125AL80WM - 3" 316SS Angle Seat Water Valve w/125mm Alum. Actuator


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