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What is Ozone?

Ozone is a naturally occurring molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms rather than the two oxygen atoms we breathe. It is created both naturally and artificially by exposing breathable oxygen molecules to a high voltage electrical charge. The ‘electric’ smell in the air after a thunderstorm is actually ozone.

It is a highly unstable molecule that seeks to stabilize by attacking soil, bacteria and odor. Ozone is inexpensive to generate, is one of the best known disinfectants and reverts back to oxygen in 20 minutes leaving no waste.

Why does Ozone make Sense in a Laundry?

• Since ozone kills odor causing bacteria your goods will smell cleaner (the clothesline fresh smell is actually ozone generated from ultraviolet light and atmospheric oxygen).

• Ozone expands fibers in goods enabling chemicals to completely rinse away and provides more “fluff” in goods.

• Ozone makes your laundry chemicals work more effectively reducing chemical discharge in your waste steam.

Why should Ozone make Sense to You?

• Ozone should make sense because it provides cleaner, softer, clothesline fresh goods while providing significantly reduced laundry operating costs.

How Does an Ozone Program Reduce Operating Costs?

1. Hot Water: The cost of generating hot water is reduced up to 80% since ozone disinfects best using cold water.

2. Goods last longer since hot water and chlorine bleach use is reduced.

3. Labor is reduced because ozone laundering reduces wash cycles due to reduced rinse requirements.

Also, the Martin Ozone Laundry Program requires no capital investment. The program is a monthly lease. We guarantee that the annual lease cost will never exceed your annual operating savings or we will reimburse the difference.

What will the Program do for my Facility?

A facility analysis will enable us to provide you a picture of how your operating costs will change with the Martin Ozone Program. If you decide to proceed, we install water meters to establish your current water usage. Then we install the ozone equipment and record your new water usage. If the new hot and total water savings do not meet our projections, the system is removed at no cost to you. There is no risk.

To have your questions answered or to schedule an analysis of your laundry please call Martin Ozone Solutions at 800-635-4363 or email us at ozone@rwmartin.com.

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