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Our Network of Partners and Vendors in Industrial Machinery

R.W. Martin has been in the industrial machinery business for more than 50 years. In that time, we’ve forged many productive partnerships and developed a far-reaching network of connections.

We bring decades of knowledge and experience to every equipment reconditioning project. This expertise also extends to each equipment sale and every parts transaction.

Although we started out as an industrial machinery supplier focused on the commercial laundry industry, we’ve since branched out into the concrete and food service industries, focusing on plant water solutions and vertical storage.

Below is a list of some of our valued partners, vendors, and connections in the industries we serve.

ADC: American Dryer Corporation, more commonly known as ADC or American Dryer, was founded in the 1960s. Introducing the first dual pocket dryer in the 1980s is just one of the ways that American Dryer has had an impact on the laundry industry. R.W. Martin is pleased to provide a wide range of parts for ADC equipment, from motors and electrical components to belts and valves.

Alliance: Alliance Laundry Systems was founded in 1908 and is the owner of the UniMac and Huebsch laundry brands, among others. R.W. Martin proudly sells and services equipment produced under the Alliance Laundry Systems banner.

Braun: G.A. Braun, Inc. was founded in 1946. Braun is notable for many industry innovations. For example, Braun was the first laundry equipment maker to create laundry machinery that could be operated via software run by Microsoft Windows, starting in the 1990s. R.W. Martin sells both Braun parts and Braun equipment including, but not limited to, folder crossfolders, washer extractors, and spreader feeders.

Cain Industries: Cain Industries, in business since 1978, is a leader in the manufacture of combustion exhaust heat transfer products. R.W. Martin is proud to partner with Cain to lower fuel costs and reduce pollution by selling equipment in the Cain boiler economizer and the Cain exhaust economizer lines.

Chicago Dryer: The Chicago Dryer Company, also known as Chicago Dryer or sometimes just Chicago, specializes in finishing systems for commercial laundries. This includes flatwork ironers, folder crossfolders, spreader feeders, small piece folders, and large piece stackers, all of which R.W. Martin is pleased to offer.

Cissell: Though the Cissell brand has been discontinued, R.W. Martin is still a great source for Cissell parts such as seals, valves, and electrical components, as well as service for your Cissell equipment.

Cogan: Cogan Wire & Metal Products, Ltd., also known simply as Cogan, has been in business since 1901. When it comes to material handling and space management solutions, Cogan covers many bases with its custom mezzanines, guardrails, safety barriers, cantilever racks, and storage lockers. R.W. Martin is proud to partner with Cogan in designing and installing customized mezzanines for businesses in a broad range of industries.

Colmac: Colmac Industries, also known simply as Colmac, was founded in 1959. It remains a family-owned company to this day. Colmac is responsible for many innovations including the first mass-produced tunnel finisher with a direct gas heating system. You can count on R.W. Martin to help you get the parts you need for your Colmac equipment.

Consolidated: Consolidated Laundry Machinery, also known as CLM, CLMCO, Consolidated Dryer, or simply Consolidated, was founded in 1962. Since 1983, Consolidated has been a leading manufacturer of industrial dryers. You can trust R.W. Martin to be your parts source for Consolidated Dryer equipment.

Continental Girbau: Continental Girbau is the North American subsidiary of the Girbau Group whose history ultimately extends back to the 1920s. R.W. Martin is pleased to offer a range of parts and laundry equipment manufactured by Continental Girbau including flatwork ironers, washer extractors, tunnel washers, and loading conveyors.

Custom Industrial Products: Custom Industrial Products, also known as CIP, was founded in 1986 and specializes in devising customized material handling solutions. If you’re in need of a vertical reciprocating lift (sometimes called a VRC lift or simply a vertical lift), R.W. Martin, through our partner CIP, will help you find and choose the best lift solution for you based on your company’s specific needs.

EDRO: EDRO Corporation, also known simply as EDRO, was founded in 1946. One of the most notable distinctions EDRO has today is that it provides shipboard industrial laundry solutions to the United States Navy. R.W. Martin can help you get the EDRO parts you need.

Ellis: The origins of the Ellis Corporation go all the way back to 1898. Today, Ellis Corporation provides water-based solutions for many industries including the commercial laundry industry. Ellis laundry equipment offerings include side loading open pocket washer extractors. You can count on R.W. Martin to get the parts you need for your Ellis equipment.

Energenics: Energenics Corporation, also known just as Energenics, was founded in 1974. The solutions that Energenics produces for the commercial laundry industry help to keep facilities clean and sanitary. R.W. Martin is your source for Energenics products including the Kartwasher laundry cart washer and sanitizer as well as the Lint Scrubber ambient air lint filter.

ESG: ESG USA is a leading producer of stainless steel process control valves such as angle seat valves. R.W. Martin is proud to partner with ESG USA as the company’s official stainless steel valve distributor.

Felins: Felins is named after Fred E. Lins, the inventor of an innovative way to tie sausage links back in 1921. Today, Felins is still in the sustainable bundling business. R.W. Martin is pleased to partner with Felins, providing hardware, electrical components, and other parts solutions.

Forenta: Forenta provides equipment such as garment presses and steam-air finishing machines to the laundry and dry cleaning industries. R.W. Martin can help you get the parts you need for your Forenta equipment including steam valves, vacuum valves, and hot press pads.

Fulton Boiler: Fulton, sometimes known as Fulton Boiler or referred to as Fulton Companies, specializes in industrial heating systems, and serves many industries including dry cleaners and commercial laundries. R.W. Martin provides Fulton Boiler solutions as well as parts for Fulton equipment.

Gardner Machinery: Gardner Machinery Corporation, also known as Gardner Machinery or GMC, was founded in 1947. Today, Gardner Machinery produces material handling systems for the industrial laundry sector. You can reach out to R.W. Martin if you need parts for your Gardner Machinery equipment or if you’re seeking out material handling solutions such as folding tables.

Heat Seal: Heat Seal, an Ohio-based company founded in 1950, specializes in packaging and process equipment for a variety of industries. Through our partnership with Heat Seal, R.W. Martin can provide your facility with a laundry wrapper, ensuring that you clean laundry will stay clean.

Huebsch: Huebsch laundry equipment is produced under the Alliance Laundry Systems banner. R.W. Martin sells Huebsch dryers and washer extractors as well as parts for Huebsch equipment.

JENSEN: The origins of JENSEN (also known as the JENSEN-GROUP) ultimately go back to 1937, though the company’s present-day focus on the industrial laundry industry traces its origins to 1960. That’s when JENSEN developed its first folding machine. Today, you can look to R.W. Martin to provide you with JENSEN equipment parts as well as finishing equipment such as small piece folders and folder crossfolders.

Kannegiesser: Kannegiesser ETECH was formed when Kannegiesser USA merged with E-Tech in 2017. This partnership brought together the laundry equipment manufacturing expertise of Kannegiesser and the laundry handling knowhow of E-Tech. You can trust R.W. Martin to provide you with both E-Tech parts and Kannegiesser laundry equipment such as conveyors and flatwork ironers.

Kibler Chemical: Kibler Chemical Corporation, also known as Kibler Chemical, provides industrial water treatment solutions to industrial laundries and other commercial facilities. R.W. Martin offers Kibler water softeners for the benefit of laundries and other entities in the healthcare sector.

Lavatec: Lavatec is a multinational laundry company founded in 1986 that manufactures tunnel washers, washer extractors, dryers, and laundry conveyor systems. Through R.W. Martin, you can get the spare and replacement parts you need for your Lavatec equipment.

Leonard Automatics, Inc.: Leonard Automatics, Inc., also known simply as Leonard, was founded in 1969 and is a family-owned company that produces laundry equipment including tunnel finishers, folders, crossfolders, and feeders. R.W. Martin is your source for Leonard laundry equipment parts.

MaxiMizer Systems: MaxiMizer Systems, also known as just MaxiMizer, designs, manufactures, and installs direct fired water heating systems. With a MaxiMizer direct fired water heater, you can generate hot water at 99.9% combustion efficiency, saving on utility costs while also reducing your emissions. R.W. Martin is proud to partner with MaxiMizer to help you make your facility greener and more efficient.

Milnor: Pellerin Milnor Corporation, also known simply as Milnor, is a laundry equipment manufacturer that produces washer extractors, tunnel washers, shuttle conveyors, dryers, and other laundry machinery. You can depend on R.W. Martin for Milnor spare and replacement parts as well as Milnor equipment.

Sioux Corporation: Sioux Corporation, sometimes referred to simply as Sioux, is R.W. Martin’s partner in providing customers with plant water solutions for the concrete industry. Founded in 1939, Sioux Corporation manufactures industrial water heaters, aggregate heaters, steam generators, steam cleaners, pressure washers, and water chillers.

SonicAire: SonicAire produces dust control fans whose objective is to eliminate hazardous and potentially combustible dust particles from a broad range of industrial settings. R.W. Martin is committed to making commercial laundries safer places. SonicAire dust control systems contribute to this goal.

TEA: Thermal Engineering of Arizona, often abbreviated as TEA, is an equipment manufacturer that produces energy-saving plant water solutions including water heaters, heat exchangers, filtration systems, pumping systems, and water tanks. Both TEA and R.W. Martin are dedicated to increasing efficiency in water usage in commercial laundries and across industries.

UniMac: UniMac is a laundry brand owned by Alliance Laundry Systems. R.W. Martin is your source for UniMac parts as well as UniMac equipment such as dryers and washer extractors.

Unipress: Unipress specializes in producing finishing equipment for the laundry and dry cleaning industries. If you need parts for a Unipress shirt press or legger press, R.W. Martin will be more than happy to help.

WSD: Western State Design, sometimes abbreviated as WSD, is an equipment supplier that has served commercial, industrial, and coin-op laundries since 1974. R.W. Martin has been proud to partner with Western State Design on multiple VA laundry facility projects.