Philosophy and Core Values

Seven connected circles, each of which contains an icon illustrating a Core Value of R.W. Martin Company

Our Core Values

Pride in Workmanship: Derive satisfaction from exceeding expectations of customers, associates, and coworkers

Ethical: Am honest and trustworthy to all

Team Player: Can be relied upon to listen, adapt, and be aware of the impact my actions have on others

Enthusiastic: Approach everything in a positive manner

Accountable: Recognize and consistently assess that I am performing the job others depend on me to do

Social Conscience: Advocate and create awareness of community needs beyond my own

Continuous Improvement: Committed to progressive enhancement of my personal and professional capabilities

Chip Ottman, President of R.W. Martin

When Doing Business with R.W. Martin, You Can Regard Us As Your Partner

We believe in superior service to our customers, our community and to each other as members of the Martin organization. Our success is the result of clear, cooperative positive thinking. We will always make the best effort to understand and appreciate our customers’ needs in every situation to build lasting relationships that exceed our customers’ expectations now and in the future. Creating value through our “Customer First” attitude, is practiced by every Martin team member on a daily basis, and we will always demonstrate this belief by continually re-earning our positions everyday in every way.


Chip Ottman Signature, President of the industrial laundry machine company R.W. Martin


Integrity badge for R.W. Martin, an industrial laundry machine provider


It’s the foundation of our business. Over the past 50 years, we have developed a reputation for delivering quality used equipment every time. Our laundry equipment acquisition process is designed to eliminate the risk in used laundry equipment purchasing. We only deal with reputable sales partners. We are diligent in completely understanding the condition of equipment prior to a transaction. Your capital dollars are critical to the growth of your company, and an unsuccessful purchase can be devastating. You can eliminate the guesswork, risk and potential for failure by partnering with R.W. Martin on your next pre-owned laundry equipment project.