Meet our Newest Member | Inventory and Acquisitions Manager | Steve Scalise

As a leading provider for new and used laundry equipment and parts, our team at RW Martin is quickly growing.  The latest addition to our team includes Steve Scalise! Steve has been named Inventory and Acquisitions Manager.  In his role, Steve is in charge of seeking out used laundry equipment that still has great potential. Additionally, it is his job to implement processes and procedures that improve inventory management.  

What is an Acquisitions Manager and What Does This Mean for Our Customers?

Steve Scalise | Inventory and Acquisitions Manager
Steve Scalise | Inventory and Acquisitions Manager

The creation of this role greatly serves our customer in two ways.  On one hand, an Inventory and Acquisition Manager takes unwanted or unused laundry equipment off the hands of our customers and turns that equipment into cash.  They provide a great customer experience by offering the utmost level of honesty and professionalism. A good acquisitions manager knows the balance between proper negotiation and the best interest of our customers.

On the other hand, the acquisition of used equipment makes reconditioned equipment available for sale to another customer who needs it.  The Inventory and Acquisition Manager finds equipment that is not currently functioning or profitable and asses the life that’s left.  If it passes inspection, it will be brought back to RW Martin to be reconditioned or remanufactured. We are then able to offer other customers reliable used laundry equipment that we stand behind.

Whether our customers are looking to sell or looking to buy, the fate of their decision is in good hands with our Acquisitions and Inventory Manager, Steve Scalise.  

Target Acquired | What Sets Steve Apart

RW Martin Acquisitions Manager | Steve Scalise

RW Martin President, Chip Ottman, is very confident about bringing Steve on board.  According to Chip, Steve’s skills and experience really sets him apart.

Previously, Steve’s experience included working as Director of Construction and Store Products at JoAnn Fabrics.  This role involved retail project management. As a result, Steve was directly responsible for managing construction and facility remodeling.  Additionally, Steve worked as VP of Field Operations for Provantage Corporate Solutions. Steve added to his expertise in project management by coordinating fixture installation and new store openings.  

Chip believes that Steve will not only provide our customers with professionalism and integrity but can bring RW Martin to the next level with newly implemented processes and procedures.