Consignment Services

Sell Your Equipment with R.W. Martin Consignment Services

If you are looking for equipment consignment services, R.W. Martin has the knowledge and resources to give you the most value for your sale. We will analyze your equipment and come to an agreement for a price range on each piece. With our resources in the consignment of industrial machinery, we can bring in more potential buyers and find offers that provide the most return.

R.W. Martin offers a wide variety of options for equipment consignment as well as many unique advantages.

  • Much higher returns: 25%-50% higher than an outright purchase.
  • We will write a full description of your equipment with additional photos and add it to our catalog, so your equipment is easier to find for potential buyers.
  • We will apply our knowledge of industrial equipment to effectively advertise your equipment and generate more leads.

The only disadvantage of consignment is a potentially slower process and issues with storage. However, the returns are definitely worth the wait.

If you are looking for consignment services for your industrial equipment, contact R.W. Martin today.