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Need More Usable Space?

A growing business is always a great problem to have. But it can also pose storage and space issues. If a facility is running out of floor space and additional square footage isn’t in the budget, a mezzanine is an ideal solution. 

Structural steel mezzanines from R.W. Martin are the ideal way to increase a facility’s usable floor space without investing time and capital in new construction.

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What are Structural Steel Mezzanines?

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A mezzanine is a work or storage platform area positioned between two floors. Also considered an intermediate floor, these structures have a wide variety of names, including industrial mezzanine, mezzanine level or floor, and warehouse or work platform.

No matter their name, mezzanines give facilities additional floorspace even though they're not normally included in the overall floor count in a building.

Mezzanines are extremely beneficial in industrial settings, as they provide additional usable space without a need to expand the facility outwards.

Custom mezzanines take advantage of the existing vertical space that comes with the high ceilings normally found in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities. Small-to-mid-sized facilities such as auto parts providers will also benefit from the installation of a mezzanine platform. 

Our structural steel mezzanines allow for high demands of dense storage. Through a combination of custom design, additional shelving, steel partitions, and paneling, R.W. Martin will create a custom storage mezzanine to suit our customer’s unique specifications.

Knowledge and Expertise from R.W. Martin

As an authorized distributor for Cogan structural steel mezzanines, R.W. Martin guides our customers through a hassle-free expansion, from the design stage up to the installation stage and beyond.

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a Cogan mezzanine is gaining access to our team’s vast technical expertise and support as we lead customers through their mezzanine expansion. 

R.W. Martin performs site assessments to ensure every new mezzanine will maximize and optimize our customer’s facility. Our site assessments allow us to design a custom mezzanine that will fit perfectly within the specific facility.

After we have designed the custom mezzanine, we provide a full proposal. Once our customers are satisfied with the layout and proposal, we manage the installation of each mezzanine floor to mitigate potential workplace disruptions.  

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Why opt for a mezzanine? Watch this helpful video to learn the advantages mezzanines provide

Parts inventory mezzanine

Need more space in your parts division? Install a mezzanine!

Multipurpose warehouse mezzanine

A warehouse or distribution center of any size will benefit from the addition of a mezzanine

In-plant office mezzanine

Mezzanines are great for providing in-plant office space too! 

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Why Add a Mezzanine?

Mezzanines are necessary to create more space in a facility. One of the biggest reasons our customers choose a customized mezzanine for their business is that mezzanines enable owners to take advantage of the potential for more usable space.

Overall, mezzanines improve organizational capacity. When our customers expand with a custom mezzanine they gain the following: 

New Work Areas: Mezzanines enable the use of otherwise wasted existing vertical space. 

Added Storage Capacity: With a mezzanine, goods and materials are kept off the main floor while ensuring that they’re still accessible.

Additional Office Space: A mezzanine is a great place to locate a foreman’s office or to accommodate a company’s expanding administrative personnel.

Preserved Brightness and Airflow: One advantage that mezzanines have over closed rooms is that they don’t just add space, they also keep the open feel of that space. This is better for overall air circulation and for keeping facilities brighter, especially industrial spaces that opt for open bar floor grating for their mezzanines.

Aesthetic Appeal: Mezzanines aren’t just for industrial areas! Businesses that are open to the public will also benefit from having additional usable space. A customized mezzanine might be the perfect choice for a retail store or other public-facing establishments to complement its unique character and layout.

Lower Installation Cost: R.W. Martin will design and install each mezzanine for a fraction of what it would cost to add an extra room or wing by building out.

Shorter Timeline: We provide our mezzanine materials promptly. Materials will arrive at the facilities typically within three months.

Fewer Disruptions: Thanks to the nature of the components and our technical knowledge, R.W. Martin can install most mezzanines in less than a week.

Savings on Energy Expenses: Since every mezzanine will be situated within an existing facility, there’s no need to pay for additional utilities associated with building another room or wing.

Easy Relocation: Each Cogan mezzanine is modular and free-standing. If a Cogan mezzanine needs to be relocated, it can be disassembled and moved to its new location.

Flexibility and a Customized Design: To keep costs low, R.W. Martin starts with a standard design. We will also gladly customize a mezzanine-lift system to meet any customer’s specialized needs.

Configuration Options: We can tailor each mezzanine’s size, height, load capacity, and access points. Customers can also choose from a variety of deck surfaces and multiple stair configurations.

Complement Your Custom Mezzanine with a Vertical Lift

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC) lifts, also known just as vertical lifts, are a perfect addition to any new mezzanine! It’s safer to use a vertical lift to move materials from one floor to another than it is to use a forklift or relocate them manually. VRC lifts are also less expensive than elevators.

R.W. Martin is a knowledgeable designer, installer, and supplier of both mezzanines and VRC lifts. We can create the perfect customized space-saving solution for your business.

Contact R.W. Martin at 800.635.4363 or at [email protected] to start the process of getting your mezzanine. Or submit a quote request for a mezzanine online.

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