DC Water Heater Out of Shape?

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Hot water is critical to your operation. You expect it to be there when called for. When you run out of hot water during production, it’s a real problem. In most cases, the operation should stop running or be out of compliance. Unfortunately, due to many factors, that doesn’t always happen and an inferior product gets delivered.

To minimize the potential for this situation, have a regular water system check-up, from a trained DC Heater technician. Depending on many factors, these inspections should be monthly, quarterly or yearly. The beauty of these check-ups is that they generally pay for themselves through reduced utility costs, more efficient production and reduced downtime. On the first inspection, a technician will check:

  • DC Heater interiors including condition of heat transfer media, media support shelf and water supply system
  • Pump pressures and current to ensure pumps are working as intended with no impending issues
  • When present, pilot flame signals to ensure reliable start-up
  • Physical inspection of the heater, burner unit and components for cracks and failure
  • Control Panel condition to ensure all safeties are operational and wiring and components are functioning properly
  • Fuel supply pressures to confirm designed operation

The analysis of these systems will determine a plan for repair and ‘reset’ of the heater. From that point, regular inspections will ensure the unit stays in optimal operating condition. This will provide ‘peace-of-mind’ that your hot water will ‘show-up’ when called for so you can move on to the important work, like growing your business.