Direct Contact Water Heater

High-Efficiency Water Heating Solutions from R.W. Martin

Hot water is an essential resource for any laundry facility. These operations require a constant flow of clean, hot water, so they can properly clean laundry. When you run out of hot water, the operation grinds to a complete stop. As a result, you lose valuable time and money to excessive downtime.

With R.W. Martin, however, you can acquire high-efficiency direct contact water heating systems for your laundry operation. Direct contact water heaters are ideal for producing a constant stream of hot water, so you can avoid equipment downtime and maximize productivity in your facility.

R.W. Martin a is leading provider of laundry equipment solutions including direct contact heaters, wastewater heat recovery systems, washing machines, and more! In fact, we offer new and pre-owned equipment from distinguished manufacturers like Kemco. Furthermore, we offer competitive pricing for all laundry equipment to meet your budgetary requirements.


Kemco Direct Contact Water Heater Systems

When your machinery cannot heat water at an efficient rate or regularly breaks down, you will consistently lose time and money. However, R.W. Martin can ensure your equipment meets your performance requirements with state-of-the-art direct contact water heaters from Kemco.

Kemco is a leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of heat recovery water heaters and heat exchangers. So, installing their equipment in your facility will maximize your savings for fuel water, and sewer costs while enhancing wastewater heat energy reclamation. In fact, Kemco systems are so efficient that they offer a 99.7% return, which is significantly higher than conventional water heating systems.

Here are examples of the returns you receive for every $100 you would spend on gas water heating in varying systems:

  • Kemco Direct Contact Water Heater at 99.7% efficiency: $100.30
  • Conventional Gas Water Heater at 70% efficiency: $142.86
  • Steam Boiler and Heat Exchanger at 65% efficiency: $153.85

Kemco systems do not require high-pressure insurance or licensed operators. They also do not need boiler feed chemicals or expensive maintenance costs like traditional boilers. In fact, Kemco direct contact water heaters can completely eliminate the need for steam in your system. So, you can install a 100% steam-free system in your facility.

Kemco's patented technology creates direct contact between water and flame, so it burns far more oxygen in the water. These systems will burn up to 80% more of the present oxygen. As a result, Kemco direct contact water heaters reduce oxidation, which causes rusting and corrosion in your pipes.

Lastly, Kemco DC water heaters feature 304 stainless steel construction. So, your system will offer many years of high-efficiency operation. If you need to upgrade your water heating system, view the R.W. Martin direct contact water heater by following the link below:

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R.W. Martin Kemco Direct Contact Water Heater Inventory

Kemco Wastewater Heat Recovery Systems

In addition to direct contact water heaters, R.W. Martin sells wastewater heat recovery systems from Kemco. Wastewater heat recovery systems will take heat from wastewater and repurpose it to heat incoming cold water, so you can maximize your energy efficiency. In fact, Kemco wastewater heat recovery equipment provides a 5°F approach.

For example, if water comes in at 60 to 65°F, these systems will preheat this water to a temperature within 5 to 10 degrees of the wastewater. So, you will save up to 60 percent of the heat energy and receive a full return on your investment within 1 to 2 years!

Kemco systems can also be mounted to ceilings and walls. So, you can more effectively utilize your facility's floor space. Furthermore, Kemco's wastewater systems can generate several water temperatures simultaneously. Thus, they are the best equipment solutions for hot and tempered water systems.

Kemco's high-strength, stainless steel construction also offers corrosion resistance to increase operation longevity. In fact, Kemco systems meet and exceed TEMA quality and performance standards for tube and shell heat exchangers. So, you know you are getting the finest machinery on the market.

If you are looking for direct contact water heaters, wastewater heat recovery systems, or other laundry equipment solutions, get in touch with R.W. Martin today.