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Why replace your  brass valves when you can upgrade to stainless steel for less?

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Steam Coils-
Better Quality than OEM at half the price

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Process Water Solutions

The R.W. Martin Process Water Division can help to substantially reduce your utility burden.

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50 years of experience servicing laundry and machinery customer domestically and around the world in 'proof positive' of the depth of skills that R.W. Martin can provide your business. From New and Pre-Owned Equipment to Parts, Service, Technical Support, Design Services and Plant and Equipment Installation Services, R.W. Martin's experience in all facets of laundry facility technology is unparalleled.

New Machinery Sales

We represent over 15 major equipment manufacturers serving the textile laundry & industrial process water industries.

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R.W. Martin Parts

Our extensive parts inventory, ability to source parts from virtually any manufacturer and same day shipping on all stock parts means your staff will come to rely on the RWM Parts team for your equipment parts needs.

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R.W. Martin Service

Our history of servicing equipment from virtually every machinery manufacturer provides us with a depth of experience unparalleled in the laundry industry. Our technicians have been factory trained on virtually all manufacturers equipment and understand the importance of "one-stop-service". We can provide support for virtually machine in your plant. Contact a RWM Service Specialist today.

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Pre-Owned Machinery

Buy, sell & re-manufacture quality pre-owned machinery with integrity to ensure that your experience exceeds your expectations.

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Process Water Solutions

R.W. Martin Process Water Division has the capabilities to provide equipment to:

  • Heat Large Volumes of Water Quickly
  • Re-Capture heat from Process waste stream
  • Pump and Store water with customized solutions
  • Soften and Condition Commercial and Industrial Water
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Equipment Reconditioning

A great way to extend the life of either in-house or recently acquired laundry equipment is through reconditioning. The experts at R.W. Martin are able to evaluate a machine, access the work required to ensure a machine is in good operating condition and provide a detailed estimate for the work. The recondition work is processed through the recently constructed R.W. Martin Remanufacturing facility utilizing proven operating procedures to ensure consistent, reliable outcomes. Reconditioned laundry equipment can be provided with parts and service agreements similar to those provided for remanufactured equipment.

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R.W. Martin has produced hundreds of remanufactured machines in our history. We can tailor the remanufacturing process to your requirements and your budget. In general, the process involves a complete inspection of the machine to determine the complete scope of work. The equipment is then completely dismantled, parts and assemblies are stripped, blasted, or cleaned as required. All defective, broken or substantially used parts are restored to sound condition or replaced with new or remanufactured parts. The machine is reassembled, rewired and re-plumbed to like-new parameters. Once reassembled, all safety labels and guards are installed as required. The unit is fully load tested to ensure proper operation. The entire remanufacturing process is documented to ensure traceability. Once the unit is shipped and installed at its destination, an R.W. Martin technician will perform start-up on the machine and train your staff on maintenance and proper operating and safety


Whether reconditioning or remanufacturing, our objective is to achieve a "win-win." We partner with our customers to ensure they receive maximum benefits from any equipment or service transaction. Throughout any project we welcome inspection visits from our customers and provide video project updates to ensure seamless projects. Remanufactured or Reconditioned laundry equipment at a fraction of the cost of new machinery, with peace of mind due to continuous R.W. Martin support it's a Win-Win! Our Goal is to exceed your expectations.

The Support You Need

R.W. Martin takes pride in ensuring that our customers receive exceptional service and support. Our customers will benefit from more than four decades of experience designing, building, maintaining and servicing commercial laundry and water processing equipment.

  • Complete Plant Design and Layout Services
  • Machine Service and Tuning
  • Equipment Evaluation
  • Plant Installation and Project Management Services
  • On-Site Equipment Reconditioning
  • Water Systems Analysis and Upgrades
  • Employee and Maintenance Training Programs
  • Lock-Out, Tag-Out Procedures

Design Services

R.W. Martin has designed hundreds of successful laundry operations. From healthcare to hospitality to industrial plants, we have the expertise to develop a highly efficient layout utilizing any manufacturers equipment that will produce years of efficient and profitable production.

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RWM Technical Service Resources

Our goal is to always keep you running. RW Martin Service provides the most comprehensive technical service available in the commercial laundry industry. Our technicians are highly trained to service and repair nearly all industry brands.

Our goal is to always keep you running. If phone support can help isolate and solve the problem, we’re glad to help. Our Service Help Line is available every day from 7am to 6pm EST. Off hours support is available via email request at In an effort to improve service, our technicians are able to receive videos via a service drop folder that enables them to fully understand the issuing that is occurring to better assist in troubleshooting the problem.

Our Service technicians solve problems regardless of the equipment manufacturer. Our technicians will work with our industry partners to ensure that at the end of the day, we always keep you running.

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RWM Preventative Maintenance and Service Contracts

R.W. Martin’s Scheduled Maintenance Program will provide you first class professional service for your laundry machinery, to increase equipment up-time and create the lowest possible cost of ownership.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Regular inspection & maintenance visits by technicians who are highly skilled and experienced in all disciplines.
  2. Preventative Maintenance performed on each machine as directed by the manufacturer guidelines
  3. Emergency response service and after-hours support.
  4. Competitively priced parts & supplies.
  5. Extensive parts inventory available from our warehouse.
  6. Service reports and recommendations with each visit.
  7. Preferred customer status for telephone support and scheduling.
  8. Labor discount on our regular service rates.
  9. Contracts are paid in advance, eases your budgeting process and you know your costs upfront.
  10. Guaranteed pricing for the length of the contract.
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Equipment Installation Services

R.W. Martin offers complete equipment and facility installation services. Our scope of skills range from single machine installations to complete plant install and startup services. Our team has the capabilities to provide full equipment specifications, plant utility requirements, installation plans and complete project management services. Our full line of capabilities can be tailored to suit your specific installation requirements. Contact an Installation Specialist today at R.W. Martin.

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As the leader in pre-owned laundry equipment sales, we are also one of the largest used laundry equipment buyers in the country! At R.W. Martin…

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The most harrowing aspect when you buy laundry equipment is the ‘unknowns’. What is the condition of the equipment? How was it serviced? …

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We buy hundreds of pieces of laundry equipment each year. Our acquisition process is always the same. Once we are contracted to sell commercial…

Buying & Selling Services

Machinery Purchase

After we have performed an analysis of the equipment and agree to a price, we will send you the payment and have the equipment professionally removed…


We will perform an analysis of your equipment and we will agree to a price range for each piece. If we receive an offer we will approach you for your approval and…

Plant Liquidation

R.W. Martin is the industry leader when it comes to laundry plant liquidation. R.W. Martin has been utilized to sell commercial laundry equipment by…

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Referral Bonus Program

R.W. Martin will offer a $150.00 Gift Card to a retailer of your choice for a referral of Equipment available for sale that results in a successful purchase by R.W. Martin.

As always, R.W. Martin offers an agreed upon commission to 3rd Parties that provide multiple pieces of equipment for sale that results in a successful purchase by R.W. Martin.

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Your Partner for High-Quality Industrial Laundry Equipment and Service


A True Partner

At R.W. Martin, we see our customers as true partners and ensure that they receive the best service possible during any equipment or service transaction.


We offer remanufactured or reconditioned laundry equipment to fit your requirements and your budget.

Peace of Mind

You will have peace of mind due to our 50+ years of experience coupled with our continuous support.


From new machinery sales to process water solutions, our experience in all facets of laundry facility technology is unmatched.

Pre-Owned & New Machinery Sales

Work with R.W. Martin, the leader in industrial laundry equipment sales, to sell your pre-owned and new machinery. Maximize your return on investment while minimizing the hassles during the sales process.

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Buying & Consigning Services

After analyzing your equipment, we will agree on a price range for each piece. Then, if we do receive an offer, we’ll approach you for your approval to sell the piece. This allows for higher returns than an out-right purchase.

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Design & Installation Services

From healthcare to industrial plants, R.W. Martin has designed and installed hundreds of successful laundry operations. Our experience in the industry allows us to develop and install highly efficient layouts to ensure efficient and profitable production.

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Service & Preventative Maintenance

From regular inspection & maintenance to emergency response service, R.W. Martin’s preventative maintenance and service contracts can help increase up-time and maintain the lowest possible cost of ownership.

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Process Water Solutions

Increase up-time, save energy, reduce wastewater and maintain profitability with R.W. Martin Process Water Solutions. Our specialists are your source for process water solutions equipment, service, knowledge, and support.

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OEM Replacement Parts

You can rely on the R.W. Martin team to source parts from virtually any manufacturer, as well as same-day shipping on all stock parts.

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