Hot Waste Water is ‘Liquid Gold’

R.W. Martin Process Water Solutions can help turn your wastewater into “Liquid Gold”

We’ve all heard the term ‘sending money down the drain’. If the wastewater stream is being sent to treatment or to the sewer without passing through a heat exchanger, you are literally, ‘sending money down the drain’. Money, in the form of energy. Money that’s saved, and not spent, goes directly to the bottom line.

Heat Recovery Systems can help!

A wastewater heat recovery system utilizes a heat exchanger to pull the heat from the outgoing hot water stream and transfer it to your incoming fresh water, leaving the heat (and money) in your building. An effective recovery system can bring the incoming water temperature to within 10° F of the out going waste stream. That’s energy you’ve captured and reused at the operational cost of a few dollars a day. This will save you a few hundred dollars a day, depending on your operation.

The results are in!

The Wastewater Heat recovery system can achieve payback in 12 to 24 months. The operational and maintenance costs are minimal and with periodic checks the systems can operate for 20+ years.

Heating water with free energy, year after year after year… ‘Liquid Gold’!