HVAC Coils

A Proven Manufacturer of HVAC Coils

R.W. Martin, in association with Martin Coil, is a leading designer and manufacturer of HVAC Coils. R.W. Martin can deliver HVAC coils with the ideal quality and performance standards of your application. We have the unique ability to replicate virtually any existing OEM HVAC coil design. We can also improve upon initial designs to fulfill specified requirements.

Martin Coil offers various manifold and circuiting configurations to meet your HVAC coil needs. We can also make additions such as drain pans to your replacement units. Our coils and pans consist of stainless steel as well as materials with corrosion protection. As a result, you receive products with superior durability and longer lifespans.

R.W. Martin and Martin Coil offer unmatched knowledge and expertise with creating high-quality, cost-effective coil solutions. Our products include steam coils, evaporator coils, HVAC coils, booster coils, custom coils and more!

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Why Choose Martin Coil? | Superior Quality to OEM at Competitive Pricing

Martin Coil can work within the given parameters of each customer's project while staying within their budget. Two weeks is all we need to replicate coil designs, and we also offer custom "quick build" options. All Martin Coil products are designed and manufactured in the United States. Furthermore, our In-House Engineers can help with design and customization for any heating and cooling application.


Evaporator Coils

Installation of replacements for evaporator and DX coils can be a troublesome, time-consuming process, as gaining access to the coils is difficult. Thus, Martin Coil engineers provide services to extend the longevity of your current coils. We offer the highest quality evaporator coils on the market, so you can save more time and money.

Condenser Coils

Here at Martin Coil, we supply condenser coils in many sizes with various aluminum and copper fin configurations. We can customize the size of your coils up to 30 feet for industrial HVAC applications. Our condenser coil specifications including smooth or enhanced tube wall thickness from .014 to .049 inches, fin thickness from .006 to .010 inches, and tube diameters of 5/16, 3/8, and 1/2, or 5/8 inches.

Water Coils: Hot, Cold, GLYCOL

We utilize precision design and manufacturing processes, so we can create AHRI-certified water coils with superior versatility and efficiency. Our water coils perform optimally in almost any application. If you are looking for replacement coils or to build a new system, Martin Coil is the number-one resource for custom water, condenser and steam coils.

Maintaining HVAC Coils

All of the HVAC coils in your system come into contact with circulating air consistently. Therefore, keeping them clean is crucial for optimal performance. If dirt and dust have the opportunity to buildup on your coils, they begin to create insulation. As a result, your system cannot heat or cool the air as effectively, and your system's efficiency will decrease significantly. Furthermore, dusty coils can create unpleasant smells and introduce more allergens into the air. Avoid these issues by regularly maintaining your coils and replacing the air filters in your systems.