Improved Space Options Without Expensive Build-Outs

Many laundries struggle with space limitations. Older buildings, significant growth and more production machines can all lead to space constraints. These constraints can drastically affect your production efficiency and ultimately your bottom line. Instead of expensive building relocations and build outs, consider going up. Generally, ceiling height of at least 18’, makes going vertical a viable option for some laundries.

The best candidates for going vertical are equipment and supplies that are accessed as frequently as regular, daily items. Chemical systems, maintenance supplies, replacement linen & mechanical room components are great candidates for vertical storage. Mezzanines are typically custom designed for the specific installation at no additional cost. There are a couple of material handling options for loading supplies and equipment on mezzanines. The least expensive option is manual stair loading, utilizing personnel to transport items to the second level. Another option is forklift loading. Creating a secure loading zone that enables goods to be lifted from the ground to the mezzanine level is a viable configuration for many items. Vertical Reciprocating Lifts (material lift) are a surprisingly inexpensive option for transporting goods safely and reliably to the mezzanine deck.  Lifts decks can be configured to be a small as 3’ x 3’ to sizes of over 16’ long and 8’ wide. Again, lift options, and load configurations are completely customizable based on the specific requirements.

Utilizing a vertical storage system is a remarkably flexible and inexpensive way to create space now within your laundry. A typical mezzanine project is less than 20% of the cost of a plant ‘build-out’. With limitless configuration options, inexpensive capital expense and fast, order to install time frames, vertical storage mezzanines are an excellent ways to keep pace with a growing business needs