Industrial Washing Machine for Sale

Industrial Washing Machine for Sale

Laundry and dry cleaning facilities need equipment they can rely on. If you are looking for an industrial washing machine for sale or other industrial laundry equipment, contact R.W. Martin. We are a leading supplier of both new and pre-owned laundry and dry cleaning equipment solutions. In fact, R.W. Martin offers more than 50 years of experience in the laundry equipment industry. So, we can help you find optimal machinery for your laundry facility.

In addition to industrial laundry equipment, we offer technical support, design services, plant liquidation, equipment installation, and more! Furthermore, the professionals at R.W. Martin offer expertise in all areas of the industrial laundry and dry cleaning equipment industry. So, we can provide the solutions you need to maintain a successful laundry operation.

Huebsch industrial washing machine for sale

Huebsch's® softmount washer extractor is an exceptionally efficient industrial washing machine for sale from R.W. Martin. Not only do these machines offer high-performance ratings, but they are also designed with stainless steel for extra strength. As a result, your facility receives a reliable washing machine that will reduce overall operating costs. 

Key Product Features:

  • Variable speed: Programmable wash speeds for improved linen care and drying times.
  • Easy Installation: These machines include heavy-duty suspension systems with excellent spring and shock construction. So, the softmounts do not need special foundations, which keeps costs lower and improves versatility.
  • Proven frame design: Stainless steel construction offers superior strength and reliability.
  • Stainless steel cylinder and outer tub: High-durability and perforated cylinder ribs for enhanced mechanical wash capabilities.
  • Large door openings: These openings make loading and unloading quick and easy for better overall productivity.

Industrial tunnel washers for sale

R.W. Martin also has many industrial tunnel washers for sale. A tunnel washer is a form of large capacity, continuous batch washing machinery. These systems can handle much larger loads of laundry than typical industrial washing machines. They also offer reduced energy usage, high-efficiency cleaning, and improved water savings.

The tunnel of the washer is designed with perforated metal. This allows linens and other items to travel in one direction, while water and cleaning materials to move in the opposite direction. As a result, linens travel through sections of increasingly clean water and fresher chemicals.

Operators can also feed dirty laundry into the entrance of the tunnel continuously and without downtime. As a result, washing time decreases significantly and your facility can maintain higher levels of productivity.

Additionally, earlier models of tunnel washers required a single cleaning formula for all items. However, newer models have solved this issue. The current tunnel washer systems can adjust chemical and water levels in individual sections of the tunnel. As a result, operators can more effectively clean a wider range of laundry items.

Continental Gibrau TBS-50 Tunnel Washer

The TBS-50 from Continental Gibrau is one of our many pre-owned industrial washing machines for sale. These machines have a max capacity of 110 pounds and various configurations to fulfill the requirement of any unique laundry operation. Gibrau tunnel systems also offer superior energy efficiency. As a result, it can process medium to high-capacity loads with ease, cleaning as much as 3,000 pounds of laundry every hour.

The TBS-50 also features a mono-block design. So, it is less costly and easier to install than other tunnel washers on the market. Furthermore, the TBS-50 is available in 5 to 12-module configurations. Each module is individually programmable for more versatile operation.

If you are looking for an industrial washing machine for sale, contact R.W. Martin today!

Industrial washing machine for sale
Industrial washing machine for sale

Industrial Laundry Equipment Solutions | New & Pre-owned

In addition to tunnel washers and industrial washing machines for sale, R.W. Martin offers many other new and pre-owned laundry equipment solutions.

Direct contact water heaters

Water heaters are a necessity for any laundry and dry cleaning facility. These operations require the efficient use and production of clean, hot water, so they can effectively clean laundry. Without hot water, there is no way to properly clean laundry. Thus, an unreliable water heater can lead to excessive downtime and reduced productivity. This is a waste of valuable time and money.

However, with R.W. Martin, laundry and dry cleaning facilities can install highly efficient direct contact water heaters. With our new and pre-owned machinery, you can avoid downtime and maintain optimal levels of productivity.

We are a leading provider of DC water heaters and other industrial laundry equipment solutions. Our water heaters come from established manufacturers including Sioux, and more. We also offer competitive pricing for all equipment in our inventory.

Machinery failures and suboptimal hot water production will grind your operation to a half and cost you money. R.W. Martin can help you find state-of-the-art DC water heaters for your facility from reliable manufacturers, so you can save money and maintain an efficient laundry operation.

Laundry & Dry cleaning coils

Industrial laundry coils are yet another R.W. Martin specialty. We are a leading supplier of coil solutions for laundry and dry cleaning facilities. Our experts offer unparalleled experience in the design and production of steam coils. So, we can create custom solutions to meet your application's unique quality and performance requirements. We also have the necessary capabilities to replicate OEM coil designs or modify and improve other existing designs.

R.W. Martin can produce laundry and dry cleaning coils in a variety of manifold and circuiting configurations. We can also make additions to replacement units such as stainless steel drain pans. With high-strength steel and other corrosion-resistant materials, our coils offer far more longevity and efficiency than competing products. As a result, you can minimize maintenance requirements and improve productivity.

At R.W. Martin, we supply a diverse selection of steam coils to meet your facility’s needs. Our coils include evaporator coils, condenser coils, water coils, and other custom coils.

Evaporator coils

These coils are uniquely difficult to access in comparison to other coils, so maintenance is much more time consuming. The installation of replacements is also more difficult. With R.W. Martin, however, you get evaporator coils with longer life spans and superior performance. So, you can save more time and money on maintenance, replacements, and repairs.

Condenser coils

We manufacture condenser coils in many different sizes as well as various aluminum and copper fin configurations. We can also create custom coil designs with sizes reaching up to 30 feet for HVAC applications.

Water coils: Hot, Cold, GLYCOL

Here at R.W. Martin, we utilize advanced design and manufacturing techniques. So, we can offer our customers higher precision for the production of their AHRI-certified water coils. Not only are our water coils efficient, but they are also more versatile than other available water coils. Regardless of your laundry or dry cleaning application, we can provide you with high-quality water coils with competitive pricing.

Custom coils

In addition to our other coil options, we can manufacture custom coil solutions for unique applications. Our custom coils are capable of withstanding even the most extreme industrial laundry environments. So, you can maintain higher levels of productivity in environments with salty air, acidic water, and even corrosive chemicals.

You can rely on R.W. Martin for all your industrial laundry equipment needs. If you are looking for an industrial washing machine for sale or any other equipment, contact R.W. Martin today!