RW Martin Employee Spotlight | Brandy Craig

As a commercial laundry equipment company, some might think R.W. Martin is a mundane place to work.  Those people would be wrong! R.W. Martin is so proud of our team environment.  We work every day to create a space that our colleagues love being a part of.  R.W. Martin understands that your business is only as good as the people within it. With that being said, we’re a great business!

Every month, we aim to spotlight an employee who has done an outstanding job in their role.  This month, we would like to thank Brandy Craig for her applaudable performance. 

Brandy Craigh | commercial laundry equipment company

Industrial Laundry Equipment Parts Sales Manager

Brandy has been with R.W. Martin since 2015.  Within that time, she’s done an exceptional job leading our team of Parts Specialists as our Parts Sales Manager.  Brandy manages the daily activities and objectives of her close-knit team of 4.  From a big-picture perspective, Brandy organizes her team in a way that aligns with R.W. Martin’s marketing and revenue goals as a growing commercial laundry equipment company.

What Does This Mean for You, Our Valued Customers?

You might be thinking, “that’s great, but what does this do for me?”  Well, when you work with R.W. Martin, we take the guesswork out of all your commercial laundry equipment needs.  That means, when you’re searching for specific laundry equipment parts, Brandy is your go-to specialist.  She’s our expert in everything industrial.  From new to late-model parts both large and small, Brandy knows about it all.  For any of your laundry part sales questions, call on Brandy!

Get to Know Our Team

As a true sales manager, Brandy’s favorite part of her job is the interaction with the customers. She loves getting to know their needs, what they require, and how RW martin can solve their problem. However, as we all know, life is all about balance. When Brandy isn’t at work she’s likely to be found at local drag races competing with her family. Oh, and if you happen to bump into her then see her again two minutes later in a completely different outfit, you’re not crazy. Brandy has a twin sister!