Kemco DC Water Heaters

Direct Contact Water Heaters from Kemco

Performing a thorough cleaning becomes nearly impossible without hot water. Hot water is necessary for properly cleaning stained tablecloths, napkins, mop heads, greasy uniforms and any other soiled objects. For laundry cleaning facilities and other applications, water systems are at the center of the operation, so the efficiency of your direct contact water heater heavily influences efficiency.

When your operation is left without sufficient hot or soft water, everything comes to a halt. This wastes excess amounts of time and, in turn, negatively impacts profit. However, DC water heater issues are often left unidentified until it is too late. R.W. Martin can help avoid these issues with superior water heating solutions. We offer new and used direct contact water heaters by Kemco. Kemco are the masters of DC water heater technology, so their machinery will be an immediate upgrade for your operation.

Direct Contact Water Heaters
DC Water Heaters
Direct Contact Water Heaters

Superior DC Water Heater Solutions

With Kemco Direct Contact Water Heaters, you can significantly improve productivity and uptime while saving energy and reducing wastewater. Our team of specialists can analyze your operation and help you plan the implementation of superior Kemco DC water heaters. R.W. Martin is the number one resource for water heating equipment, knowledge, technical service, and support. We will help you maintain maximum efficiency, so you can focus more on running your operation.

In addition to superior Kemco water heaters, we offer regular system checkups. Our Direct Contact Water Heater Technicians can perform these checkups monthly, quarterly or annually. We will work within your schedule to ensure your DC water heaters are functionally optimally.

R.W. Martin Kemco DC Water Heater Inventory

R.W. Martin both buys and sells used or new DC water heaters from Kemco. We have an inventory Kemco DC water heaters for you to choose from. If you are looking to upgrade your water heating equipment or sell Kemco direct contact water heaters, contact R.W. Martin today!

    Kemco Water Heater Collection

    Brand Names & Products We Supply:

    • Vaporator
    • Vapormite
    • Kleenwater
    • Monarch Control Panel System
    • Monarch Control System
    • Direct Contact Heater
    • Direct Contact Water Heater RM 99
    • Direct Contact Water Heater TE-100 Hi Temp
    • Direct Contact Water Heater Low NOX
    • Direct contact hot water heating system
    • Wastewater Heat Exchanger
    • Stack Economizer
    • Flue Gas Heat Economizer
    • Heat reclaimer
    • Steam Generator
    • Vapor Energy USA
    • Wastewater Heat Recovery System
    • Ceramic Microfiltration System
    • Reverse Osmosis
    • CMF/RO
    • Dissolved air floatation
    • DAF
    • Shaker Screen
    • Multi-Stage Filtration
    • Hydrocyclone
    • Wedge Wire Rotary Drum Strainer