Kemco Water Heaters

Kemco Water Heater the Experts in Laundry-Specific Hot Water Solutions.

Hot water is required to effectively clean greasy uniforms, heavily-soiled F&B (food & beverage) table cloths, napkins, bar mops, mop heads, and other similar items. Your water system might very well be the lifeline of your operation. Therefore, your operating system may require a hot water heater to produce hot water and steam.

If your plant doesn’t have enough steam hot or soft water, EVERYONE waits. And waiting is the arch-enemy of profit. Unfortunately, many water systems go unnoticed until there’s a problem. R.W. Martin is here to help with that. Upgrade your facility with a new or used direct contact Kemco water heater. We offer an impressive selection of process water solutions including a diverse Kemco direct contact water heater collection.

kemco water heaters
kemco water heaters
kemco water heaters

Direct Contact Water Heaters Manufactured By Kemco

Our Process Water Division can help increase uptime, improve production save energy, reduce wastewater and make you money. Our process water specialists can access your power plant operation and provide a plan for your mechanical room for the future. From Boilers to Water Heaters to Heat Recovery, R.W. Martin is your source for equipment, technical service, knowledge, and support. We keep your engine running at peak efficiency so you can stay focused on growth.

In addition, we provide routine water system checkups from our trained Direct Contact Heater Technicians, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. These checkups are essential for ensuring optimal operating conditions on your direct contact water heater.

R.W. Martin Kemco Water Heater Limited Inventory

R.W. Martin buys and sells used and new direct contact water heaters manufactured by Kemco. Whether you are looking to upgrade your equipment or looking to sell, our team is here to help.  Contact us today! 

    Kemco Water Heater Collection

    Brand Names & Products We Supply:

    • Vaporator
    • Vapormite
    • Kleenwater
    • Monarch Control Panel System
    • Monarch Control System
    • Direct Contact Heater
    • Direct Contact Water Heater RM 99
    • Direct Contact Water Heater TE-100 Hi Temp
    • Direct Contact Water Heater Low NOX
    • Direct contact hot water heating system
    • Wastewater Heat Exchanger
    • Stack Economizer
    • Flue Gas Heat Economizer
    • Heat reclaimer
    • Steam Generator
    • Vapor Energy USA
    • Wastewater Heat Recovery System
    • Ceramic Microfiltration System
    • Reverse Osmosis
    • CMF/RO
    • Dissolved air floatation
    • DAF
    • Shaker Screen
    • Multi-Stage Filtration
    • Hydrocyclone
    • Wedge Wire Rotary Drum Strainer