Plant Liquidation Services

Laundry & Industrial Plant Liquidation Service

R.W. Martin stands among the most reputable laundry and industrial plant liquidation companies. During the past 42 years, we have assisted companies sell entire facilities of industrial and laundry machinery and equipment. We remove, repair and leave the facility ‘broom ready’, a move-in ready state for resale, end of the lease, or to replace with new equipment. R.W. Martin has developed exceptionally efficient procedures to make plant liquidation a quick, easy process.

Our team understands that plant liquidation is an extensive process, particularly when you have large quantities of laundry equipment. That’s why we have developed efficient processes to simplify plant liquidation as much as possible and move your company in the right direction. Whether you are moving around operations or planning to end business entirely, let our team help with your plant liquidation.

Sell, Remove, Replace

We have performed laundry industry machinery liquidation for facilities ranging from those running at full steam to those looking to end operation entirely. From our industry experience, a network of customers, and reputation, we have the ability to resell your commercial laundry equipment whether it is currently sitting in your plant or rigged out and stored in our warehouse.

Furthermore, we work closely with our customers to ensure plant liquidation is as convenient as possible. As a result, we can clear your plant site depending on your schedule while you continue to focus on your business.

R.W. both buys and sells various forms of industrial laundry equipment including DC water heaters, ironers, folders and more, so we have a comprehensive understanding of the commercial laundry equipment market. We are more than capable of helping you remove, replace and upgrade your current equipment, helping you maintain peak performance at your facility. R.W. Martin works to maximize your return while minimizing the hassle.

Regardless of whether you are selling a single piece of laundry equipment, replacing your laundry equipment one piece at a time or looking to sell an entire working plant, we will perform all acquisitions and sales with the same integrity and professionalism we exhibit in all areas of our business.

Our goal is to have each piece of laundry equipment in your plant represented transparently and valued accurately, so you can get the most return out of your plant liquidation.

If you are looking for plant liquidation services, contact R.W. Martin today, and we can begin the process of selling, removing and replacing your laundry equipment.