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Laundry systems are a significant working part of various industries. Hotels, spas, health clubs and hospitals are all facilities that need sanitary laundry free of germs, viruses and other health hazards. Here at R.W. Martin, we offer both new and pre-owned lint filters & cart washers from reputable manufacturers Energenics Corp. and McClure Industries, so your laundry systems can run as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, with high-quality lint filters & cart washers, maintaining optimal air quality and sanitation standards is easier than ever.

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Energenics Ambient Air Lint Filter Models Lint Scrubber 3000, 6000 & 8000

The Energenics Lint Scrubber 3000, 6000 & 8000 models are Ambient Air Lint Filters (AALF). Dust and lint have a habit of permeating the air above feeding and folding operations in the clean linen areas of laundries. Thus, this AALF is designed to remove these contaminants to improve overall air quality. These lint filters are also applicable in soiled sorting areas.

Energenics’ Lint Scrubber 8000 offers the largest lint collection area coverage relative to the other models as well as all other lint filters on the market. It can pull lint, dust and other contaminants from the air with unmatched efficiency.

What are the Advantages of Installing an AALF?

Installing an AALF not only helps with lint filtration but also with improving the efficiency of the operation. The removal of lint and dust from the air keeps rails for sling loading systems cleaner for longer. As a result, the operation runs more smoothly and requires less cleaning labor and operator intervention. Furthermore, eliminating airborne lint creates a safer work environment for employees.

AALF Lint Scrubbers also contain a durable, non-corrosive aluminum alloy with lighter overall weight, saving you money on install time and costs. In addition to superior construction, this lint filter arrives pre-assembled, so installation is quick and easy.

    In-Line FRP & S Series Space Saver Lint Filter

    The Energenics In-Line Lint Filter models are another way to improve laundry operations. The filter contains a high-temperature, polyester, monofilament fabric, so it can remove 98% of all lint produced within the laundry system. It also functions independently from the dryer with no control interconnection.

    Additionally, these In-Line lint filters come with three built-in methods for self-cleaning. Back pressure increases as lint accumulates on the filter, so the Back Pressure Controlled Blowdown activates at the user’s desired back pressure level and begins self-cleaning. The Dryer Off Initiated Blowdown begins once the dryers are completely off and removes all lint from the screen. Lastly, the Time-Elapsed Blowdown allows the user to select certain intervals at which the filter will perform self-cleaning.


    Stainless or Fiberglass

    • Single or Multiple Dryers
    • 4,000 – 40,000 CFM
    • Ceiling Suspended or Floor Mounted
    • Dryer/Lint Filter Transitions


    • 110 for UL PLC Filter Control
    • 80psi compressed air, minimum

    Optional Features:

    • Fire Suppression: A audible and visual alarm will activate, and water will spray to put out fires. This system can also reset automatically.
    • Excess Pressure: An alarm sounds when there is too much system back pressure.
    • Pre-Plumb/Pre-Wire: 80% will is completed in the manufacturing of the lint filter, with the filter having been tested to ensure optimal functionality in the application.

    Free Plan Service

    • Pick the unit best suited for your application
    • Layout your dryer/lint filter clearance dimensions
    • Advise Energenics of the application, including layout
    • Necessary working drawings of your standard arrangement will be furnished with your order

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      McClure Industries Sani-Wash 500 Cart Washers

      Cart Washers are an absolute necessity for laundry operations, as they ensure the sanitation of important linens. Here at R.W. Martin, we offer high-performance McClure Industries Sani-Wash Cart Washers. McClure cart washers offer incredible efficacy in the removal of germs, bacteria and other health hazards.

      Cart washers are a significant investment, so making an informed decision is crucial for getting the most value over the next fifteen to twenty years. With McClure, you receive a cart washer from a reputable manufacturer and Saniwash technology with over 35 years of continuous advancements. As a result, many government agencies, hospitals and commercial laundry operations rely on Saniwash systems.

      Saniwash cart washers also include an Ultraviolet Germicidal Light kit, which consists of the following features:

      • 5 Bulbs
      • 4 60-inch lamps with high-output (800mA)
      • T5 Diameter
      • Hard glass tubing construction for increased UV transmittance
      • Stainless-steel shields behind each lamp to multiply standard UV output

      Additionally, the lamps produce no ozone and maintain a minimum of 80% output for two years or 17,000 of operation. They also include water-tight sleeves for moisture protection. Most notably, the UVC energy from the lamps will remove mold, bacteria and other airborne contaminants with ease.

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