Modular Mezzanines: Out of Space? Build Up. 

Increase valuable floor space without the high expense of new construction. As an authorized dealer of Stor-Deck modular mezzanines, R.W. Martin installs highly-customizable vertical storage solutions. Installing these platforms and vertical lifts or reciprocating conveyors, allows your team to safely transport materials between levels. Reducing costs and increasing material handling productivity.

What are Structural Steel Mezzanines?

A Mezzanine is a work platform between two floors. Also considered an intermediate floor, these structures have a wide variety of names. Including industrial mezzanine, mezzanine level or floor, and warehouse or work platform.

Mezzanines are not typically counted among the overall floor count of a building. In industrial settings, these semi-permanent floor systems are extremely useful for additional space. Most commonly found in warehouses, distribution, and manufacturing facilities due to the high ceilings. R.W. Martin’s Stor-Deck mezzanines are made of structural steel, allowing for the high-demands of dense storage. A combination of shelving, steel partitions, and paneling can transform this space for multiple purposes.

An Industrial Vertical Storage Solution

I’m sure you’ve heard of mezzanine seating when purchasing tickets to a play or concert.  That’s because this balcony is dynamic and suitable for countless applications. However, for industrial companies, the most common uses for this extra space includes: 

  • Industrial Storage Solutions 
  • Extra Offices 
  • Production Space
  • Packing Solutions
  • Sorting Processes
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Stor-Deck Modular Mezzanines

Space is one of the largest factors when it comes to a business’s growth. Instead of spending countless time and money on construction or relocating, consider a cost-effective modular mezzanine. With Stor-Deck free standing solutions, you can start small and grow as your business does. If you ever relocate, simply disassemble and take it with you.

Key Benefits:

  • Design Flexibility
  • Clear Spans of 25′
  • Easy Assembly
  • Load Capacities to 250 PSF
  • Quality Engineering

A Powerful Combination

For optimal use, we often pair mezzanine applications with vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRC), scissor lifts, vertical ram lifts, and other hydraulic equipment. VRC’s are vertical lifts that move materials vertically in factories, warehouses, and other industrial facilities.  Fast, safe, and convenient, vertical lifts offer access from one story to the next. In this case, from ground level to the mezzanine. More cost-effective than an elevator, vertical lifts and reciprocating conveyors are also easier to maintain.  

R.W. Martin: Authorized Distributor of Stor-Deck Mezzanines

Stor-Deck structural steel modular mezzanines optimize industrial space.  Fully customizable, this affordable solution bypasses heavy construction costs.  From start to finish, the entire project can be wrapped up in 3 months.  Our team understands how crucial it is for your business to remain productive.  We provide seamless project management and a non-disruptive installation.  Most of our installations take just five business days! Call today to transform your space.

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