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Utilities are often one of the largest cost centers in any manufacturing operation. In addition, money saved on utilities goes straight to the bottom line.

The R.W. Martin Process Water Division can help reduce your utility burden substantially. Our specialists will perform a free process evaluation to determine exactly where your facility can maximize your potential savings.

Do You Want To…

    Lower Natural Gas CostsLower Water UsageLower Labor CostsReduce Sewer DischargeReduce Utility Permitting

    Direct Contact Water Heaters

    Nearly 100% Efficient

    Waste Water Heat Recovery

    300% More Efficient than Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers!

    Waste Water Recycling

    50 to 80% Reduction in Water, Sewer and Energy Bills!

    Rinse Water Reuse System

    20 to 30% Reduction in Water Usage!

    Boiler Stack Economizer

    10 to 20% Boiler Energy Recovery!

    Custom Stainless Steel Tanks

    Custom-Built Stainless Steel Tanks

    Additional Solutions

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    Liquid and Dry Applications in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, abrasives, ceramics, plastics industries. Ideally suited for high volume de-watering operations such as water treatment and product recovery from liquid streams. 24″-60″ diameter, single to four cut separation, various screen types to accommodate flow rates, particle size, & discharge flows, multiple finishes.

    Markets We Serve

    Concrete Industries

    Ready-Mix, Pre-Cast/Pre-Stressed, Concrete Block & Brick

    Food Processing

    Meat, Milk & Dairy, Canning, Frozen Food, Flour, Cereal, Dough & Pasta, Pet Food, Sugar & Candy, Fats and Oil Producers, Beverages & Bottling, Snack Foods

    Food / Plant Production

    Greenhouse Production, Dairy Farms, Hog Farms, Egg Producers

    Parts & Machine Manufacture

    Automotive, Parts Cleaning, Pulp & Paper

    Equipment Wash

    Vehicle Wash, Light Rail Wash, Tank Cleaning, Tanneries


    Fish/Shrimp Farms