We strive to be the Industry leader in used industrial laundry equipment for sale from the experts at R.W. Martin. Proud to be the partner you rely on for industrial laundry machines, tunnel washers, folders, ironers, extractors, and more.

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Why You Should Buy Industrial Laundry Machines for Sale

Industries that rely on clean and freshly pressed linens need reliable industrial laundry machines to get the job done. Industrial laundry equipment like washers, dryers, and flatwork ironers optimize your facility’s laundry operations. With equipment like used industrial dryers you can increase your production volumes and decrease your processing times.

If you’re not sure about purchasing industrial dryers for sale, there are more benefits than you think. R.W. Martin is known for selling high-quality new and used industrial laundry machines. Items like new or used industrial dryers for sale are ideal for increasing your facility’s efficiency without committing to a brand new machine. Used industrial dryers are beneficial for your facility because there is a better chance that your operators are familiar with the older model. This means there’s less training time and more production time.

Another advantage of purchasing industrial laundry machines for sale from R.W. Martin is that we sell our high-quality equipment for fair prices. Whether you want to purchase new or used, we will help you find industrial laundry equipment that’s within your budget and fits in your facility. If you want to know more about our industrial laundry equipment prices, visit our website to request a quote.

What We Provide

Our wide range of used laundry equipment includes: industrial washers and dryers, commercial washers and dryers, laundry press machines, industrial and commercial used washer extractors, used laundry carts for sale, and more.

As a leading face in refurbished laundry equipment, we give you all the perks of having these industrial washer and dryer machines at an affordable price point. With the variety of options in used laundry equipment, you are sure to find the best fit for your facility.

Quality used laundry equipment can completely revitalize a workplace. A laundry press machine that functions fast and has minimal maintenance means you can channel more time, resources, and personnel into other tasks. If you commit to buy industrial laundry equipment that’s high quality, the investment will pay off. Whether you need ironing equipment for sale, used laundry equipment for sale, or industrial laundry machines for sale, you can count on us as a reliable seller for top laundry equipment.

About R.W. Martin

As a leading seller of used laundry equipment, R.W. Martin is proud to extend our services beyond just offering industrial laundry machines for sale. In addition to our expertise as top sellers of used laundry parts, we also offer design services for industrial laundry operations. If your goal is to buy industrial laundry equipment and then lay out a new facility, our team can help. R.W. Martin has designed hundreds of successful laundry facilities that include top used laundry equipment for sale. Thanks to our industry experience, we know what it takes to create an optimal facility layout that is designed for success.

Our team also extends help through our comprehensive technical services. For example, if you purchase a washing machine industrial for sale and run into issues with its operation, our phone support line is available every day from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. to help. Our technicians are even able to receive videos via a service folder that enables them to diagnose the issue visually. We understand that when you buy industrial laundry equipment, sometimes issues happen unexpectedly, and we never want our customers to feel stuck with problems they can’t solve. As experts in used laundry equipment, we are here to help. This service is part of what makes R.W. Martin the top choice for used laundry equipment for sale. 

R.W. Martin has used laundry equipment to buy from brands like: B&C, Braun, Bell & Gossett, Chicago, and more. With different capacities for the second hand laundry equipment we have, you aren’t limiting yourself with a purchase. You attain all of the benefits from owning a laundry machine by any of these illustrious brands in the laundry equipment industry, without having the dent in your wallet.

If you do purchase used laundry parts for sale from us, we can even provide equipment installation services. We understand that not every team is equipped with the tools and knowledge to install a washing machine industrial for sale, which is why our technical experts can help. Our team has the ability to provide full equipment specifications, plant requirements, installation plans, and project management services. If you need help installing used laundry equipment for sale, count on our team to get the job done. 

R.W. Martin is where you can find the used laundry equipment that you need. Reach out to us today and get the right used laundry equipment for you.