A linen folder machine is a crucial part of any laundry operation. These machines ensure all clean sheets, blankets, and other linens come out in uniform order. Here at R.W. Martin, we supply used linen folder machines from proven contractors such as Braun and Chicago Dryer.

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 Why Should You Invest In A Laundry Folding Machine? 

Whether you are running a hotel or simply need used industrial laundry equipment for sale for your commercial business, R.W. Martin has what your business needs. A laundry folding machine is a helpful tool to elevate the uniformity of your laundry machines and improve operations. A commercial folding machine takes the clean laundry and folds it into a crisp, tight fold. 

A commercial folding machine is ideal for businesses that need large items like bedding, sheets, and large blankets to be folded. However, this is also a great option for businesses that need apparel folded to be shipped for orders. 

An industrial laundry folding machine is ideal for every industrial laundry facility because it optimizes processes and productions. Instead of having separate machines for steaming and folding, a laundry folding machine will do it in one swift process. This eliminates the need for employees having to switch heavy loads of linens from machine to machine. Now, linens can be loaded into the linen folding machine and they will come out crisp and folded.

Buy Laundry Folding Machine | Time Is Money

Time is important when it comes to getting the job done. Investing in a laundry folding machine will increase your business’s productivity and save you money. Investing in a commercial folding machine will help grow your business and allow you to have reliable equipment that will last. 

If you’re considering buying a used industrial laundry equipment for sale, you’re making a smart choice for your business. Not only does used laundry equipment cost less, it’s still in great working condition and your operators have a better chance of being familiar with the model. A laundry folding machine will help improve your overall operations as well as save you money over time. If you need help determining the layout of your facility with a commercial folding machine, call our experts at R.W. Martin. We can determine the best used industrial equipment for your facility based on production and size capabilities.

Call today to talk to a used laundry equipment specialist to find what equipment will work best for your business.