Flatwork ironers are the best method for giving clean linens the ideal flat, pressed finish. Here at R.W. Martin, we carry a variety of pre-owned steam and gas heated ironers. Browse the catalog below to find a flatwork ironer that best suits your facility:

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What To Consider When Choosing a Commercial Flatwork Ironer

When industrial laundry facility owners need to upgrade their facility, what do they trust? While new industrial laundry equipment may seem like the best choice, it’s not always ideal. New industry laundry equipment can be expensive or too big to fit in your current facility. Instead, used industrial equipment such as a commercial flatwork ironer can save you money and space.

When facility operators are considering how to improve their daily operations, a used Chicago flatwork ironer for sale is ideal to increase production. A Chicago flatwork ironer machine steams, irons, and folds linens all in one cycle. Only 1-2 employees are needed to load dirty linens, and the professional ironer machine does the rest. No more loading and unloading to different machines for folding and steaming. Not only will a used Chicago flatwork ironer for sale improve production, but it will also allow for quicker processing times.

Industry experts trust R.W. Martin to deliver high-quality industrial laundry machines like a used Chicago flatwork ironer for sale. It’s important not to be intimated by the Chicago flatwork ironer price. R.W. Martin offers competitive pricing for both new and used laundry equipment. If you’re ready to upgrade your laundry facility and improve production, contact R.W. Martin today.