Boiler Economizer-Cain-B Series


The B Series boiler economizer is comprised of 14 standard models. An "off the shelf" unit, it is designed primarily for boilers with round stacks and a combustion capacity of 40 to 800 BHP with entering gas temperatures between 300° and 700°F. The standard stack connections can be easily modified to fit specific boiler stacks with 10" to 34" diameters, alleviating the cost of stack adapters. The units come standard either with 4 or 6 fins per inch (fpi) spacings for operation with No. 2 fuel oil and/or natural gas and depending on the efficiency of the combustion. With its lightweight design and exclusive AL-FUSE™ heat transfer surface, installation is fast and costs are kept to a minimum. Use the chart on the next page to select the B Series unit that is best suited to your application.

• Minimum Cost • Easy Installation • Maximum Savings

Steam boilers and hot water boilers

• Capacity: 40 – 800 BHP
• Entering gas temps: 300°F – 700°F
• Heat sink types: Boiler feedwater, hot water return, hot water storage tank, condensate tank, process water

• Hinged stainless steel access door panels
• Internal thermal expansion design
• Mounting flanges for bolting to mating flanges or adapters
• Stainless steel internal exhaust bypass assembly
• Quick release tension latches for doors
• Optional sootblower assembly
• Test

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