Boiler Economizer-Cain-RTR Series


The RTR is ideal for large steam boilers and hot water boilers. The RTR is typically used to preheat boiler feedwater, process water, hot oil, or cold water condensing applications. A variety of heat transfer surfaces are available, including: 316L stainless steel, carbon steel, duplex stainless steel, and stainless steel tube with aluminum bonded AL-FUSE™ product (see the example RTR product specification for materials). The exclusive, standard feature, internal stainless steel exhaust gas bypass can be used to temper the exiting gas for stack corrosion control or to maintain water temperatures when too much heat is available.

BTU/hr input to 250,000,000 – Entering exhaust temps to 800°F

Steam boilers, hot water boilers, and hot oil heaters with inputs up to 250,000,000 BTU/hr.

• Capacity: to 250,000 lb/hr steam
• Entering gas temps: 300°F – 800°F
• Heat sink types: Boiler feedwater, makeup water, hot water return, hot water storage tank, condensate tank, process water

• Internal expansion design
• Most models have no pressure welds in the gas stream
• Mounting flanges for bolting to mating flanges/adapters
• Condensate drain catch ring assembly
• 10 ga. structural exterior
• Stainless steel interior
• 2″ factory insulation
• Removable access doors
• Stainless steel bypass
• Header manifold for high liquid flow
• Exclusive Cain compression fittings between finned tubes and the liquid manifolds for easy tube removal that requires no welding
• Internal stainless steel bypass diverter controls either exiting exhaust gas or liquid temperatures
• Flexible stainless steel hose allows travel of the sootblower carriage
• Sootblower controller maintains air/steam pressure during blowdown operation

• Modulating bypass actuator assembly for automatic operation
• Hinged inspection doors for immediate access
• Timed automatic sootblower assembly provides blowdown without scheduling personnel
• Stack corrosion control assembly
• Liquid temperature control assembly
• Structural support stand

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