Direct Contact Water Heaters-Kemco TE-100 Series


Kemco’s pioneering 99.7% efficient direct contact water heater, the TE-100 delivers hot water on demand. Each unit is custom designed to meet the customer’s individual requirements, heating large volumes of water from an incoming cold temperature to a final hot usage temperature, in a single pass. Heated water, ready for use, is then stored in an open hot water tank.


• On-Demand Hot Water
• Stainless Steel Construction
• Non-Pressure Vessel
• Heating Flows to 500 gpm
• Temperature as High as 199°F
• NSF-Certified Models
• Insurance-Rated Gas Trains
• PLC-Based System Control Panel
• Media Tower Manway
• No Operator Certification Required
• Low NOx Available


• Process Hot Water
• Heating Water for“Water to Water” Heat Exchanger Applications
• Cart Wash

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