Heat Reclaimer-Kemco


The Kemco wastewater heat reclaimer preheats incoming fresh water by transferring the heat from wastewater as it leaves the facility or goes on to further treatment. The Kemco heat reclaimer can effectively preheat water within 5° to 10°F of the wastewater stream; which means that if the incoming fresh water is pproximately 60°F, then the recovery could be up to 60% of the original energy expended for water heating. This will deliver a return on investment from 12 to 24 months.

• Stainless Steel Construction
• Counter-Flow Design
• Pre-Filtration not Required
• Provides more than one Preheated Temperature
• Wall, Ceiling or Floor Mounted
• Four-Way, Non-Clogging, Reverse Flow Design

• Regulatory Compliance for Wastewater Discharge Temperature
• Energy Recovery

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