New Energenics Ambient Air Lint Filter Models Lint Scrubber 3000, 6000 & 8000


The AALF, Ambient Air Lint Filter, “Lint Scrubber 8000, 6000, and the 3000 help solve the problem of lint and dust laden air in laundries above the feeding and folding operations in the clean linen area. Also, the Lint Scrubbers remove the same in the soiled sorting area.

The Lint Scrubber 8000 has the largest lint and dust collection area coverage for any collection device on the market. The machine is a true lint scrubbing vacuum, pulling lint, dust and contaminants from the air.

Removing airborne lint and dust results in cleaner rails for sling loading/unloading systems and facilitates smoother operation, less operator intervention and less cleaning labor. Lint Scrubbers lessen the contamination of controls and mechanical components of the finishing equipment.

Removing airborne lint and dust is safer and better for the employees, improving morale. The AALF Scrubbers are assembled using a high strength non-corrosive aluminum alloy. Lighter weight saves on install effort and costs. The line Scrubber arrives fully assembled, 100% tested, ready to plug in and operate.

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