New Energenics KARTWASHER Laundry Cart Washer and Sanitizer


New Energenics KARTWASHER Laundry Cart Washer and Sanitizer Designed to wash and sanitize all popular laundry carts.

• Automatic Two Minute Cycle
• Processes 20-25/hr.
• Disinfects and Sanitizes
• Adjustable Water System
• Uses commercially available salt pellets
• Optimum Mechanical Cleaning
• Cart Receives 66% of the Cleaning Action
• Labor Saving
• Ease of Use
• Minimum Moving Parts
• All Mechanical Components at Floor Level
• Large Access Doors
• Designed for Long Life
• All Stainless Construction
• All Parts Non-Corrosive Stainless Steel or Aluminum

Fast Automatic Washing, Sanitizing and Drying Insure Optimum Cleaning

• Two minute cycle (typical)
• 15 seond detergent wash
• 15 second sanitizing time
• Adjustable automotive car wash style drying

• Automatic cart ejection
• Hand operated pressure washer
• UV lamp disinfection

Call for pricing: 1.800.635.4363

RWM Part #: NM-Demo-Energenics Cart Washer Category:

Equipment Condition: New

Equipment is brand-new and unused.