New Energenics UV Conveyor Surface Disinfection Unit


The UV-MAX Conveyor is a rugged surface disinfection unit placed over a conveyor that uses UV-C light energy to keep the belt hygienically clean. Avoiding costly chemical usage, it provides consistent repeatable performance in a safe manner. Field experience proves that it saves the customer time, money, and provides peace of mind. The efficacy of your cleaning program and hygienic status of conveyor surfaces throughout the laundry can be quickly verified with an ATP Meter. A hand held meter gives results in 15 seconds.

The UV-MAX Conveyor is low maintenance, plugs into a standard outlet, and the UV lamps are shatterproof. The UV-MAX Conveyor can be used to provide continuous disinfection of the entire conveyor surface.


• “Laundry Proof – Rugged”
• Fully User Programmable
• Shatterproof Bulbs
• Redundant Safety Features
• No Physical Contact or exposure to Chemicals
• Completely Dry – No residue or slippery/wet surfaces
• Fully Assembled and Tested
• Common 120/60/1 voltage

Call for pricing: 1.800.635.4363

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Equipment Condition: New

Equipment is brand-new and unused.