Pre-Owned Braun Washer, Model 200NTDP-2


Pre-Owned Braun 200lb Standard TSL W/E, Two Pocket Cylinder, Model 200NTDP-2, Model Year 2000, Serial Number T2002K008, 480 Volt


RWM Part #: UM-7408 Categories: ,

Equipment Condition: Good Running

Equipment will be reconditioned using new or reconditioned parts to deliver a fully functioning machine. This does not include any aesthetic repairs (aside from safety concerns) unless agreed to previous to purchase. Unit will be tested using customer’s goods when provided, and packaged for shipping and installation.

All equipment purchased and sold by R.W. Martin is processed through a detail Equipment Assessment Process to ensure we are fully aware of the condition of the piece. Pieces are visually and operationally tested. Not all equipment purchased and sold by R.W. Martin is invested in to confirm operational condition.