Pre-Owned Ellis Washer, Model Z472


Pre-Owned Ellis Washer Extractor, Model Z472, 900 Pound Capacity, Side Loading, Open Pocket, ACS Microprocessor Control, Pneumatic Soft Mount Suspension, Hydraulic Drive, Hydraulic Dump, Four (4) Pocket Cylinder, Year 1998, Serial Number 789, 460 Volt


RWM Part #: UM-7185 Categories: ,

Equipment Condition: As Is

Equipment is in current condition and may require slight, moderate or extensive service to become fully operational.

All equipment purchased and sold by R.W. Martin is processed through a detail Equipment Assessment Process to ensure we are fully aware of the condition of the piece. Pieces are visually and operationally tested. Not all equipment purchased and sold by R.W. Martin is invested in to confirm operational condition.