Steam Generator-Sioux Steam-Flo

Boiler-Sioux Steam-Flo 3-pass Models SF-11,20,25,50


The Sioux Steam-Flo 3-pass dry back Scotch boiler provides low pressure steam for a variety of applications. The Steam-Flo® vessel is constructed from ¼” (6.4 mm) boiler plate steel, and will give years of service with minimal maintenance. A low water sensor switch and an automatic water feeder maintain water level and provide low-water shutdown.


  • Smaller, lighter and much more efficient than single pass designs, saves space and reduces operating costs.
  • ASME approved Vessels are inspected by Hartford Steam Boiler. This ensures a high standard of quality and equipment that is engineered for performance and safety.
  • Power gas burners provide a consistent burn which will save fuel and have lower emissions.
  • Simple design and controls for reliable and simple pressure control.
  • Fiberglass insulation with stainless steel outer jacket for increased efficiency, faster re-heating, and protection of operators from hot surfaces.


  • Accelerating the curing process in precast concrete, pipe, prestress and block operations.
  • Thawing and heating aggregates.
  • Thawing, sterilizing and degassing railcars.
  • Sterilizing soil in greenhouses and nurseries.
  • Thawing and de-icing tanks, well heads, lines and valves.

Can be Mounted in enclosed and insulated trailer

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