Water Heater-Sioux WH Series



• Horizontal, skid-mounted heat exchanger
• Provide a continuous supply of hot water within three minutes of startup
• Units come in four sizes with 1.0, 1.7, 3.0, or 5.0 million BTU/Hr heat output
• Pair a WH Series water heater with a 1,000- or 2,500-gallon tank skid package for a complete water heating system


• Reach 170°F tank temperature without burner cycling
• Burner is easy to access thanks to horizontal design
• PLC with HMI touchscreen
• Modulating burner option reaches the highest temperatures faster (standard on WH3.0 & WH5.0 models)
• VFD for precise outlet water temperature control (standard on WH1.7, WH3.0, & WH5.0 models)
• Monitor and operate the water heater from a remote location (requires an IP address and connection to the local network)
• Circulation pump and motor to circulate water between the heater and a tank
• Set the operation schedule for the water heater to automatically start up and shut down to achieve desired tank temperature
• Operate a connected Sioux water tank package from the same control system as the water heater
• Maintenance alerts and diagnostic tools such as descaling alerts and alarm indicators
• Emergency stop switch and machine disconnect switch for added safety
• Safety controls include inner and outer exchanger flow switches and high-temperature limits, exhaust temperature limit, ASME-rated pressure relief valve, inlet water y-strainer with pressure gauges, and adjustable tank temperature control

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