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What is RFID?

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is the process of giving an item a unique trackable identity using electromagnetic fields. This process happens wirelessly, without the need for direct contact between the RFID tag and the reader.

An RFID tag is a small device containing a chip and an antenna that can be embedded in any item that the user wishes to track.

With textiles, such as medical scrubs, an RFID tag can be sewn right into the garment as a label. This will allow the RFID reader to identify each individual item via the signal the reader receives from the tag.

Our RFID tags are tough enough to withstand any industrial laundering process. And they don’t require maintenance or charging.

RFID tagging gives you complete control over your entire textile inventory. Eliminate the guesswork and uncertainty

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Why Choose RFID?

Adopting an RFID system brings many advantages over the alternatives.

Each RFID tag emits a unique identification signal. Yet tagged items can be scanned as a bundle, quickly and accurately. This eliminates both the labor costs and the potential for human error that comes with manual processing.

In addition, RFID is faster and more reliable than barcode scanning, as it doesn't require line-of-sight to detect items.

R.W. Martin has partnered with ABG Systems, a global leader in RFID technology. ABG has served customers with more than 700 installations across 23 countries since their founding in 2007.

Branded RFID tag for an RFID inventory system with the R.W. Martin logo on it

RFID Textile Tracking for Laundries

By equipping your industrial laundry with our RFID tracking system, you'll have real-time information at your fingertips, informing you:

  • Which items are in-house, and which items are at a particular customer's site — at all times
  • The exact arrival time for an item that's on-site, and the exact departure time for an item that's off-site
  • The full circulation, usage, and repair history for every RFID-tagged item in your inventory
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Our ONE Management Software platform empowers you to:

  • Instantly look up the full usage history for any item, 24/7
  • Build a valuable data repository
  • Predict the lifespan of an item type based on its repair history
  • Plan your future inventory based on historical trends gathered from circulation data
A ONE Software for RFID inventory tracking
capability of the ONE Software and RFID inventory system

ONE Management Software

Manage your entire inventory 24/7 with ONE

Learn More About ONE
Graphic illustrating the capability of the ONE Software and RFID

Access ONE via a PC, a tablet, or a smartphone

A woman accessing ONE RFID inventory management system via a tablet

RFID Textile Tracking for Healthcare Centers

Use RFID to track and monitor medical scrubs, lab coats, linens, uniforms, or any other textile.  Our ONE Scrub Solution combines RFID tracking with specialized scrub dispensing equipment and intelligent software to put you in full control of your scrub inventory. With our custom-designed solution, your healthcare center will:

Ensure that only authorized users have access to scrubs

Know which scrubs have been checked out by which user

Gain valuable insights into circulation trends, enabling you to optimize stocking and put an end to "out of stock" situations

Learn More About Scrub Dispensers
White Box scrub dispenser

The White Box is a versatile, modular, locker-style scrub dispenser that uses RFID

Assorted RFID tags of an RFID inventory system in a pile

Each individual RFID tag can be branded with your company's logo and a QR code. Promote your business and manage your textile inventory at the same time

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What Can You Track Using RFID?

Track any item in your inventory— textiles and more—including:

Medical scrubs

Lab coats







Microfiber mops

Med kits

We'll Custom-Design Your RFID Solution

Take control of your inventory and plan your future more effectively with RFID.

Talk to R.W. Martin about streamlining your textile-handling process today!

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Closeup of an RFID tag with visible antenna for RFID inventory tracking

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