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ABG Systems Automated Scrubs Machine with RFID Tracking

Automated scrub dispensers and scrub collectors are the most efficient and hygienic way for your healthcare facility to distribute and track medical scrubs.

Now you can streamline your scrub management process and eliminate waste. Utilizing RFID technology, ABG Systems scrub dispensers provide precise oversight by automatically recording the number and type of scrubs taken by each user.

Gain comprehensive inventory management and data insight in how to best locate resources throughout your facility.

How will you benefit by installing an ABG Systems scrub dispenser from R.W. Martin?

  • Monitor and track your entire inventory in real time
  • Reduce textile replacement costs lost to mishandling or misuse
  • Automation lowers labor costs and eliminates human error
  • Intelligent software providing real-time inventory updates
  • Unique "learn" feature determines optimal load levels at each dispenser
  • "ONE" produces reports showing current stats and full history for every item in inventory
Image of the logo for ONE software from ABG Systems

Unique "ONE" Software

Image of a user interface screen for the ONE software from ABG Systems for scrubs machineLearn More About ONE

White Box Automated Scrub Dispensers

White Box Spec SheetImage of ABG Systems WHITE Box Scrub Dispenser

The White Box is a locker-style automated scrubs machine that uses badge scanning and RFID tags to track which items are taken by each authorized user.

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The White Box modular locker-style scrub machine dispenses scrubs with RFID tags that enable you to track which items are taken by each authorized user.

Thanks to its modular design, you can easily customize the White Box to meet your exact needs. Each module can support 1-6 locker doors and each door can be configured with shelves or hangers.

It also sends restocking alerts, is easy to reload, and requires minimal maintenance.

The White C is an efficient, hygienic solution to keeping track of your healthcare facility's scrub inventory using RFID tags.

Only authorized users can access the dispenser's contents. Tracking is automatic! The dispenser keeps garments clean, reducing the chance of contamination.

Most importantly, it reduces the costs that normally come from garment loss and manual restocking.

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White C Automated Scrub Dispensers

Image of ABG Systems WHITE C Scrub DispenserWhite C Spec Sheet

The White Case utilizes RFID technology to help your healthcare facility track employee uniforms.

If you need large compartments for holding bulky garment bundles or other textile items, then this dispenser is just what you're looking for!

Its compartments are sizable enough to hold personalized kits, such as multiple sets of uniforms, making it perfect for facilities with a smaller number of staff members.

The White Case also accommodates facilities that have space limitations and is easy to maintain.

The White Basket collects soiled scrubs automatically, reducing the number of staff members who have to handle them, keeping your facility more hygienic.

Healthcare staff simply drop soiled scrubs through the Basket's trapdoor, causing the machine to record the items as "returned," thanks to RFID tagging.

It comes in two types, one relying on gravity and one that uses pneumatics for collection.

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White Basket Soiled Scrub Collectors

Image of a White Basket scrub collector from ABG Systems scrub machinesWhite Basket Spec Sheet

White Cab Linen Dispenser

Image of an ABG Systems WHITE Cab linen dispensing machine
White Cab Spec Sheet

The White Cab is a smart cabinet that uses RFID to ensure the efficient distribution and secure storage of linen.

It's the perfect solution for reading massive amounts of linen in bulk.

Thanks to its simple and flexible design, the White Cab will integrate seamlessly into any operational environment.

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