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• Braun 250 Lb. Open Pocket Washer Extractors – 2010 or Newer, Two-Way Tilt if possible

• Milnor 60044WP2 450 Lb.  Rapid Load Washer Extractors

• 200 Lb. Gas Dryers

• 400 Lb. Gas Dryers


• Braun Small Piece Folders, Return to Feed, 2000 or newer

• Chicago SP4 Large Piece Folder with standard 4-Lane Small Piece Accumulator

• 2 roll 120 inch Thermal Oil Ironer

• Jensen 4-Lane folder with Bottom-Up Stacker

• Chicago Blanket Blaster line with Chi-Touch Controls


• Milnor Pulseflow 76039 10-12 Module Tunnel (150# Module Capacity)

• Six (6) Milnor 300 Lb. Gas System Dryers

• Milnor MP1656 150 Pound Capacity Press

• Milnor Dryer Loading Shuttle

Why Sell with R.W. Martin?

Work With The Best

As the leader in pre-owned laundry equipment sales, we are also one of the largest used laundry equipment buyers in the country!

Maximize Return

The most harrowing aspect when you buy laundry equipment is the ‘unknowns’. What is the condition of the equipment? How was it serviced?

Minimize Hassle

We buy hundreds of pieces of laundry equipment each year. Our acquisition process is always the same.

Buying & Selling Services

Machinery Purchase

After we have performed an analysis of the equipment and agree to a price, we will send you the payment and have the equipment professionally removed.


We will perform an analysis of your equipment and we will agree to a price range for each piece. If we receive an offer, we will approach you for your approval and sell the piece.

Plant Liquidation

R.W. Martin is the industry leader when it comes to laundry plant liquidation. R.W. Martin has been utilized to sell commercial laundry equipment by many of our customers over the past 42 years.

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Referral Bonus Program

R.W. Martin will offer a $150.00 Gift Card to a retailer of your choice for a referral of Equipment available for sale that results in a successful purchase by R.W. Martin.

As always, R.W. Martin offers an agreed upon commission to 3rd Parties that provide multiple pieces of equipment for sale that results in a successful purchase by R.W. Martin.

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