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Photo Submission Guidelines

Please provide the following pictures for each machine:

1) Equipment Data Tag: Includes Manufacturer, Model, Serial Number, and Voltage Information


2) Full Machine Image: Take a shot of a corner showing two full sides of the machine (see below)


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Have a look at our list of "most in-demand" laundry equipment below.


• 100 Lb. to 170 Lb. Open Pocket Washer Extractors – Milnor, Unimac, or Equivalent, 2015 or Newer, Solid Mount and Soft Mount

• 250 Lb. Open Pocket Washer Extractors – Braun, Milnor, Unimac, or Equivalent, 2010 or Newer, Tilting or Stationary

• 450 Lb. to 650 Lb. Open Pocket Washer Extractors – Braun, Brim, Milnor, 2010 or Newer, Two-Way Tilt

• Ellis 900 Lb. Unloading Washer Extractors – 2005 or Newer, Prefer Two Door Machine


• 170 Lb. Gas Heated Dryers – Huebsch, Milnor, or Equivalent, 2010 or Newer

• 200 Lb. to 250 Lb. Gas Heated Dryers – Braun, ADC, Consolidated, 2010 or Newer, Standard or Pass-Thru, Tilt or Non-Tilt

• 450 Lb. to 800 Lb. Gas Heated Dryers – Braun, Brim, Consolidated, ADC, 2010 or Newer, Standard or Pass-Thru, Tilting


• Complete Tunnel Systems – Milnor, Lavatec, Kannegiesser, Jensen, 10 to 16 Module, 150 to 200 Lb., Later Models Preferred


• Chicago Edge Maxx Spreader Feeders – 2013 or Newer

• Chicago King Edge Vacs Spreader Feeders – 2013 or Newer

• Chicago Gas Heated Ironers – Prestige 32” Diam. x 62” L., Imperial Single Roll 32”, 36”, or 48” Diam. x 120” or 136” L.

• Chicago Powerhouse Self Contained Thermal Oil Heated Ironers – 2-4 Roll, 32”, 42”, or 52” Diam. x120” or 136” Wide, 2010 or Newer

• 3-Roll Steam Heated Ironers – Braun, Chicago, or Equivalent – 32”, 42”, 52”, or Equivalent Diam., 120”, 136”, or Larger Width, 2005 or Newer

• Chicago SP4 or SP5, Large Piece Folder Crossfolder With Small Piece Folder & Accumulator - 2010 or Newer, 120” or 136”

• Jensen, Kannegiesser, or Chicago Large Piece Folder Crossfolder With Accumulator, Draping or Folding and Stacking, 2010 or Newer

• Braun Small Piece Folders - Return To Operator, 2008 or Newer

• Chicago Blanket Folding System With Edge or Edge Maxx Spreader Feeder, Blanket Folder Crossfolder, and Blanket Stacker, 2013 or Newer

• Colmac Triple Connie Steam Heated Labcoat Presses – 2000 or Newer

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As the leader in pre-owned laundry equipment sales, we are also one of the largest used laundry equipment buyers in the country!

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The most harrowing aspect when you buy laundry equipment is the ‘unknowns’. What is the condition of the equipment? How was it serviced?

Minimize Hassle

We buy hundreds of pieces of laundry equipment each year. Our acquisition process is always the same.

Buying & Selling Services

Machinery Purchase

After we have performed an analysis of the equipment and agree to a price, we will send you the payment and have the equipment professionally removed.


We will perform an analysis of your equipment and we will agree to a price range for each piece. If we receive an offer, we will approach you for your approval and sell the piece.

Plant Liquidation

R.W. Martin is the industry leader when it comes to laundry plant liquidation. R.W. Martin has been utilized to sell commercial laundry equipment by many of our customers over the past 42 years.

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