Sell Industrial Laundry Equipment

Sell Your Industrial Laundry Equipment with R.W. Martin

Work with the best, maximize return, and eliminate hassle when you sell industrial laundry equipment with R.W. Martin! Don’t allow good equipment to go to waste. Whether you simply aren’t using your industrial equipment, it isn’t working properly, or you’ve decided to upgrade, our team will gladly take industrial laundry equipment off of your hands.

Why Sell Used Industrial Laundry Equipment with R.W. Martin

R.W. Martin specializes in the buying and selling of pre-owned industrial equipment. Specifically, we are experts in the industry of Industrial Laundry Equipment. Each year, we buy hundreds of pieces of equipment. To ensure quality control, our process always follows the same steps. First, we obtain the necessary contract to sell such equipment from our client’s plant. Next, we perform in-depth research and analysis. Then, we are able to confidentially and thoroughly answer any questions that potential buyers may have. For example, what condition is the equipment in? How was it serviced? R.W. Martin helps to remove the unknowns out of the selling process, positively benefiting all parties involved. Our research allows our team to appropriately represent our client’s equipment and provide a hassle-free experience!

Buying and Selling Services

R.W. Martin proudly provides our clients with options when selling equipment. This includes Machinery Purchase and Consignment. As expected, each option comes with its own unique advantages and disadvantages. R.W. Martin takes the time to learn our client’s position and talk them through the options in order to take the path best for their needs.

Machinery Purchase

When considering machinery purchase, R.W. Martin sends a team member to make a professional analysis of the equipment. Next, we discuss the analysis with our client who is selling and agree to a price. Last, but not least, we professionally uninstall and remove the equipment.

Pros: Quick Turnaround! This is a fast sale and offers fast removal.

Cons: Generally lower returns.


Consignment offers our clients more control over the sale. Again, we perform a thorough analysis of the equipment and agree to a price range. Then, when we receive an offer, we ask for your approval and sell the piece.

Pros: Considerably higher returns — Roughly 25-50% higher than an outright purchase
Cons: Typically a slower process where storage issues come into play

Let’s Get Started

Regardless of the selling process you choose, R.W. Martin is here to ensure it goes smoothly! Our clients get the pleasure of working with our Inventory and Acquisition manager, Mr. Steve Scalise. Steve is an expert in his field and has years of experience working side-by-side with clientele. It is his job to ensure that the acquisition process goes smoothly and everybody ends up happy. We must say, he does a great job of it! Call today to learn more about selling industrial laundry equipment!