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Keep Concrete in Spec with Sioux Aggregate Heating Equipment

Do your projects involve the use of precast or ready mixed concrete at all times of the year? If so, you need to keep your concrete in spec to maintain optimal performance. Most importantly, you need to keep your concrete from freezing or overheating. With the help of R.W. Martin, you can employ high-quality Sioux products to keep your concrete in spec and complete projects efficiently during any season.

R.W. Martin is a leading provider of precast and ready mix concrete equipment, offering superior solutions from proven manufacturers like Sioux. Working with R.W. Martin means you can find the best equipment for your application with pricing that suits your budget. If you are looking for aggregate heating or industrial laundry equipment solutions, contact us today!

Why Choose Sioux Products?

Sioux has been a leading manufacturer of water heating systems for ready mixed concrete and precast concrete operations for more than 50 years. In fact, Sioux currently supplies 25 models of water heaters with the ability to customize units for unique application requirements.

For example, the Sioux Steam-Flo® steam generator is the optimal solution for quick curing for precast pipe, prestress, block, and dry or wet cast applications. In fact, the faster curing process will significantly improve output by as much as 5 times in comparison to non-steam equipment. This system is also entirely portable. So, it is perfect in outlying areas and overflow production without taking up excess facility space.

Sioux also offers their high-efficiency Aggre-Flo aggregate bin heater, which heats fine and coarse aggregates to remove ice and frozen chunks of concrete during the winter. This system can maintain accurate temperatures with entirely dry heat, so it will not expose the aggregate to moisture. As a result, you can maintain a consistent aggregate quality during the cold winter months.

In addition to water heaters, Sioux is also the leading developer of water chilling. These systems can decrease chilling costs by 95% in comparison to systems that use ice to cool concrete. Most notably, Sioux water chillers provide more accurate temperature control to keep concrete in spec. They also come in both stationary and portable designs with capacities to fit any application.

Precast Concrete Equipment

Precast Water Heating Systems

Sioux water heaters are ideal for precast concrete systems that require a consistent production of low volumes of hot water. These systems are designed to replace conventional boilers for pipe, prestress, vault, and block operations. The PWP-1 system also includes a water heater with 1 million BTU/H, a 300-gallon mild steel water tank, and a pumping station. This pumping station has two pumps for circulating water in the heater and removing used water from the system.

Here are some unique features of Sioux water heating systems:

  • Features a motorized damper.
  • System is mounted on a steel skid for maximum portability.
  • Select from natural gas, oil, LP, or Sioux's new combination burner for easier conversion between gas and oil.
  • Sioux units are National Board registered and built to ASME code.
  • Simple operation and reliable performance for many years after purchase.
  • More features include liquid level sight gauge, liquid level sensors with water solenoid valve, and an adjustable tank temperature control and thermometer.

Precast Water Chilling Systems

Sioux works with Carrier to manufacture the best precast concrete water chilling systems in the industry. Here are some advantages of Sioux water chilling equipment:

  • Can maintain high-precision temperature control for consistent aggregate quality.
  • Sioux systems do not use ice, so they reduce chilling costs by up to 95%.
  • Available in both stationary and portable designs with varying capacities for any application.
  • Sioux can manufacture turn-key water heating and chilling systems.

Quick Curing with Steam Generators

Sioux originally designed the Steam-Flo® steam generator in 1939. This portable steam generator offers a speedy curing process, so it is ideal for pre-cast concrete, pipe, prestress, and block operations. Today, these steam generator systems operate in the thousands worldwide!

  • The low-pressure boiler fills the curing area with steam for even heating of the concrete. This also speeds up curing.
  • Increased output and quick turnover for forms.
  • Portable design perfect in overflow production and outlying areas.
  • Efficient heating and thawing to de-ice aggregates.
  • This system can replace a conventional boiler for many commercial and industrial operations.
  • Produces 370 - 3,450 lbs. per hour of dry steam in minutes.
  • A continuous flow of virtually unlimited steam.
  • Low-maintenance with durable construction.
  • Portable, stationary, or over-the-road trailer mounting options.
  • Can be outfitted with a water tank and generator for entirely self-sufficient operation.
  • Sioux's Steam-Flo® system is built to Section IV ASME code, meets the requirements of CSD-1 of ASME code, and is registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.
  • Meets California's South Coast Air Quality standards.

Ready Mixed Concrete Equipment

Water Heating for Cold Weather Concrete

Sioux products offer water heaters with the highest efficiency ratings on the market. In fact, Sioux has been manufacturing water heaters for ready mixed concrete for more than 50 years. Sioux water heaters offer superior precision for temperature control, so you receive higher quality concrete with a quick turnaround, decreased chemical usage, and exceptional float and finishing.

Most importantly, Sioux water heaters can produce a constant flow of hot water with a wide range of customizable designs to suit your specific application. These heaters can be oil, LP, or natural gas fired as well as combination burners for easier transitioning between oil and gas. Sioux also offers their M series modular water heaters, so you expand the system as your operation grows with a small initial investment.

Furthermore, all Sioux heaters National Board Registered and manufactured to Section IV of the ASME Code. These systems can also include water storage tanks, transfer pumps, and circulation pumps for discharging water upon customer request.

Chilled Water for Keeping Concrete in Spec During Warmer Months

Carrier water chilling systems from Sioux are the ideal solution for cooling concrete batch water during warmer weather. These systems offer accurate water temperature control for more reliable concrete batch quality. Sioux water chilling systems also reduce chilling costs by 95% relative to ice and liquid nitrogen systems.

These systems also come in both stationary and portable configurations with a full range of capacities for any operation. With 50 years of manufacturing experience, Sioux can create turn-key chilling systems for your application. In addition, these chillers can provide wet belt chilling for aggregates.

Aggregate Thawing and Quick Curing

Sioux's Steam-Flo® portable steam generator is perfect for thawing and de-icing aggregates in the winter. These systems create a continuous flow of steam to uniformly heat concrete and increase curing rates. These steam generators offer user-friendly controls and are incredibly low-maintenance.

Like all Sioux water heating equipment, the Steam-Flo® is registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, meets requirements of CSD-1 of the ASME Code, and is manufactured to Section IV of the ASME code. In fact, Sioux's Steam-Flo® meets California’s South Coast Air Quality standards.

Heating Aggregates with Forced Hot Air

If your operation requires a constant flow of aggregates during the winter months, Sioux's Aggre-Flo® systems are the ideal solutions. This system will uniformly heat fine and coarse aggregates, so it can efficiently remove ice and frozen chunks from the batch. Aggre-Flo® also allows you to control the temperature for up to six bins at once from a central control panel. So, heating aggregates has never been simpler.

R.W. Martin Sioux Products Catalog

If you are looking for aggregate heating equipment for precast or ready mixed concrete in Ohio, check out R.W. Martin's catalog of Sioux products today!