Stack Economizer

What is a Stack Economizer? / Industrial Laundry Equipment Solutions

Save Money and Energy with Kemco Stack Economizer Systems

The average gas fired heater or boiler will send 20 percent or more of the consumed energy out of their exhaust stacks. As a result, you lose more money on fueling your boiler systems. In fact, for every dollar you spend on fuel, the boiler will return only 65 to 70 cents of applicable heat after losses. However, a stack economizer from Kemco will prevent heat loss and significantly increase your energy efficiency.

If your facility requires a constant stream of hot water and your current boiler load meets or exceeds 100HP, you need a heat economizer system. Here at R.W. Martin, we offer high-quality stack economizer systems from Kemco. In fact, Kemco’s high-efficiency boiler flue gas economizer will recover nearly 100% of the heat the traveling up your stack. As a result, Kemco’s boiler economizer design will give you the highest possible energy savings.

Furthermore, the money you save on fuel in a single year will provide a full return on investment for your stack economizer system. This quick return is an advantage you will not find with other exhaust gas economizer systems on the market.

Lastly, traditional finned-tube stack economizers are unable to reduce stack temperatures below 280°F without destructing due to cold end corrosion. Kemco systems, however, can reduce stack gas temperatures to as low as 40°F.

What is Economizer in Boiler?

Economizers are used to heat makeup water for your boiler system. They are essentially heat exchangers with water on one side and hot flue gases on the other.

Flue gas temperatures in larger boilers generally range from 450 – 650°F. Boiler stack economizers are heat recovery systems that take some of this heat to preheat incoming water. This preheated water is typically used for makeup water or to fulfill another need in the boiler system.

Most notably, stack economizer significantly increase efficiency for operations that use large amounts of hot water or makeup water. The potential for savings depends on your stack temperature, the volume of makeup water you need, and the number of hours of operation.

Industrial Laundry Equipment Solutions | New & Pre-owned

In addition to Kemco stack economizer systems, R.W. Martin also offers many other industrial laundry equipment solutions.

Direct Contact Water Heaters

Laundry operations and washing machines depend on a constant stream of hot water to function properly. Hot water is one of the most important resources for any laundry facility. If you run out of hot water, the operation grinds to a halt.

As a result, you lose money to downtime and lower productivity. With a direct contact water heater, however, you can ensure your facility has a constant flow of clean, hot water.

Here at R.W. Martin, we can help you find the ideal DC water heater for your facility. In fact, we offer a wide variety of new and pre-owned water heaters from proven manufacturers such as Sioux, Jensen, Kemco, and more! We also offer competitive pricing, so we can meet your budgetary requirements.

Wastewater Heat Recovery Systems

R.W. Martin also offers wastewater heat recovery systems from Kemco. These systems will recover lost thermal energy by taking heat from wastewater and reusing it to preheat incoming fresh water. In fact, Kemco wastewater heat recovery systems are uniquely efficient, providing a 5°F approach.

When incoming water is about 60 to 65°F, Kemco's wastewater heat recovery systems will preheat the water to within 5 to 10 degrees of the heated wastewater. As a result, you save upwards to 60% of the heat energy and will receive a full return on investment within 12 to 24 months.

Kemco also designs their wastewater energy recovery units to be mounted to walls and ceilings. So, you can use your production floor space more efficiently. These systems can also create multiple temperatures at once. Therefore, they are the optimal choice for hot and tempered water systems.

Furthermore, Kemco's stainless steel design provides exceptional corrosion resistance as well as long operational lifespans. In fact, Kemco wastewater heat recovery systems meet TEMA standards for tube and shell heat exchangers.