Steam Coils

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Martin Coil is capable of duplicating any existing OEM coil design, or we can enhance the initial design in line with specified requirements. We will manufacture our steam coils to ideally fit in your application. Martin Coil offers many manifold and circuiting options to fit your steam coil needs. Furthermore, we can add drain pans to your replacement units. We produce steam coils and pans from stainless steel or materials treated for corrosion protection. Converting refrigerants is also simpler with Martin Steam Coils. Our expert staff has the knowledge and experience to give you the most affordable and effective coil solutions available. Some of our coil products include steam coils, evaporator coils, condenser coils, booster coils and even customized coils.


Evaporator Coils

Replacing evaporator and/or DX coils is a troublesome process, as accessing these coils takes excess time and effort. Our engineers work tirelessly to give you service that will extend the lifespan of your current evaporator coils. The Martin Coils staff offers the highest quality in evaporator coil solutions, so you can save time and money in the long run.

Water Coils: Hot, Cold, GLYCOL

Here at Martin Coil, we use a precise design and manufacturing process to develop versatile and effective AHRI-certified water coils. These coils are ideal for virtually any application. Looking for replacement coils or a new system entirely? Choose Martin Coil as your source of replacements for custom water, condenser, and steam coils.

Condenser Coils

We offer condenser coils in a range of sizes in copper and aluminum fin configurations. You can choose from custom sizing up to 30-feet condenser coils for industrial HVAC requirements. Specifications include smooth or enhanced tube wall thickness from .014 to .049 inches, fin thickness from .006 to .010 inches, and tube diameters of 5/16, 3/8, and 1/2, or 5/8 inches.

Maintaining Steam Coils

The steam coils in your system are in consistent contact with air circulating throughout. Thus, it is crucial to keep these clean and maintain these coils. If dirt, dust or debris buildup on the coils, they begin to act as a makeshift insulation. As a result, your system will have more trouble heating and cooling the air. Failing to keep steam coils clean will have an adverse effect on your system’s efficiency. Furthermore, dirty coils can cause air to smell unpleasant and buildup allergens. To avoid these issues, be sure to regularly maintain your coils and change air filters in your system.

Who Can Benefit From Steam Coils?

Steam coils are a relatively common heat source in an air handler to provide heat in many commercial and industrial buildings. The air from the fans is warmed as it is moved across aluminum, stainless, or copper fins. The fins are already warm from the exchanged heat of the steam traveling through tubes in the system. Their composition may sound simple, but a steam coil is valuable in any heating unit for efficient heating.

Many industry professionals choose a steam coil because steam is relatively inexpensive and easy to harness. Industries such as aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, food processing, water treatment, metal manufacturing, marine, and petrochemical all utilize heat exchangers like steam coils.

Applications and Uses | Steam Coil

Common applications of steam coils include:

  • Digester heating

  • Pasteurization

  • Heat recovery

  • Pre-heating

  • Effluent cooling

Spiral heat exchanges like steam coils offer the benefit of increased floor space due to their compact size.

Choose Martin Coils

When facility operators and managers need reliable steam coils, they choose Martin Coils. We are a leader in manufacturing steam coils because we produce custom coils, and we can ship in-stock steam coils within 24 hours. To browse our selection of in-stock steam coils and find out why customers trust Martin coils, visit our website.