used industrial washer and dryer for sale

Used Industrial Washer and Dryer for Sale

Industrial laundry and dry cleaning facilities need high-efficiency equipment they can depend on. If you are searching for used industrial washer and dryer for sale, R.W. Martin offers a diverse catalog of equipment solutions. In fact, we a leading provider of new and used laundry equipment solutions with more than 50 years of experience in the industry. So, you can rely on us to deliver the ideal washer and dryer equipment for your facility.

In addition to our washer and dryer equipment solutions, R.W. Martin also provides technical support, equipment installation, design services, plant liquidation, and much more! Most importantly, our staff of laundry equipment specialists offer experience in all aspects of the laundry and dry cleaning equipment industry. So, we can more accurately satisfy the needs of your unique laundry facility.


Used Industrial Washers

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Washing Machines and Washer Extractors

For facilities that regularly clean high volumes of laundry, it is crucial to install washers with exceptional efficiency. Here at R.W. Martin, we offer a wide variety of washing machines and washer extractors to fulfill the requirements of virtually any laundry facility. In fact, we carry equipment from many distinguished manufacturers including Braun, Ellis, Milnor, and more! As a result, we can give our customers superior equipment solutions that reduce costs and increase output.

Our selection of industrial washers can fulfill the requirements of virtually any laundry application. In fact, many hotels, hospitals, and long-term care facilities depend on our laundry equipment solutions to keep their on-site laundry operations up and running. So, we pride ourselves on delivering washers with unparalleled efficiency ratings to help our clients save money and maintain maximum productivity.

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Used Industrial Dryers

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Industrial Dryer Equipment

No laundry facility is complete without reliable, high-efficiency dryers. Industrial dryers are the final step in ensuring your laundry items have been cleaned and treated thoroughly. So, we offer a variety of high-quality dryers from many quality manufacturers such as Cissell, Gibrau, and UniMac.

If you are searching for dryer equipment that maximizes floor space and offers exceptional performance, look no further than R.W. Martin. When you purchase a dryer from R.W. Martin, you receive a variety of advantages:

  • High-Strength Design: Stainless steel ensures your dryer offers the longest operational lifespan possible. This also ensures components like the dryer door and hinges can endure the repetitive opening and closing of a typical laundry facility environment.
  • Efficient Operation: R.W. Martin's selection of industrial dryers are proven to provide high-efficiency drying for all types of laundry items. So, you never have to worry about pulling out damp laundry after a cycle, and you can continue to maintain optimal productivity in your facility.
  • Low-Maintenance: Our dryers feature self-cleaning lint screens and trays to ensure your employees spend less time cleaning equipment and more time cleaning laundry.

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Tunnel Washer Systems

R.W. Martin also carrier tunnel washer systems. A tunnel washer is a type of high-capacity, continuous-batch washing equipment. In comparison to standard industrial washing machines, tunnel washers can process significantly larger loads of laundry more efficiently while offering reduced energy consumption and increased water savings. Thus, they are the ideal choice for laundry operations that need to clean particularly high volumes of laundry on a daily basis.

Tunnel washer system design features perforated metal, which allows laundry items to travel in one direction through the machine while water and cleaning solutions move in the opposite. As a result, soiled linens will move through cleaner water and fresher chemicals as they travel towards the exit of the washer.

Tunnel washer operators can also continuously feed the dirty linens into the entrance of the machine without periodic downtime. So, tunnel washers can reduce washing time substantially and help you maintain optimal levels of efficiency in your facility.

Previous models of tunnel washers could only apply a single cleaning formula for all laundry items. However, our newer, more advanced tunnel washer systems can readily adjust water and chemical levels at individual sections of the tunnel. So, you can easily clean a full range of items and maintain a constant flow of clean laundry.

Here at R.W. Martin, we offer state-of-the-art tunnel washers from reputable manufacturers such as Jensen, Gibrau, and Lavatec, so you always receive the finest equipment solutions for your facility.

Superior Solutions from Lavatec

Lavatec is a leader in the design and manufacturing of continuous batch tunnel washer systems for commercial and industrial laundry operations. These tunnel washer systems offer capacities ranging from 55 to 220 pounds with an energy-efficient design. At R.W. Martin, we offer Lavatec's LT series, which offers durable construction and excellent efficiency ratings. So, your laundry facility can maintain optimal levels of productivity, improve your cleaning operations, and avoid unnecessary downtime.

Lavatec LT series tunnel washer systems also reduce your overall water consumption. In fact, these tunnel washers will use as little as a half-gallon of water per pound of laundry. Furthermore, each of the tunnel's drums can be individually configured for level and temperature control as well as draining, heating, and chemical injection.

As a result, Lavatec tunnel washer systems maintain their position among the most cost-effective laundry equipment solutions on the market. In addition, their high-strength construction ensures they offer unparalleled operational lifespans. In fact, many Lavatec tunnel washers have been working for 20 years of long, 16-hour workdays.

If you are interested in our Lavatec tunnel washers or other tunnel washer equipment solutions, click the link below to browse our inventory.


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R.W. Martin buys, sells, and rents new and used laundry equipment solutions from a full range of proven manufacturers, so you can always find the perfect equipment for your facility. If you have been looking for used industrial washer and dryer for sale or other commercial laundry equipment solutions, get in touch with R.W. Martin today, and we can help you find equipment that best suits your application.