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Move Materials More Safely and Efficiently with Vertical Lifts

Vertical Lifts are the Better Way to "Go Up"

If you need to move materials from one floor level to another, or from your main floor to a mezzanine, then a vertical lift (also known as a VRC lift) will be a great addition to your workspace!

R.W. Martin is proud to be an official installer and distributor of vertical lifts manufactured by Custom Industrial Products (CIP).

Do you have questions about vertical lifts? Wondering if they might be the perfect choice for your facility?

Download our vertical lift brochure or read through the FAQs about vertical lifts below to find out more. You can also download our vertical lift analysis form

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What is a Vertical Lift?

A vertical lift is a large, installed mechanical device that enables you to move heavy materials vertically from one floor level (or mezzanine) to another. Vertical lifts are safer, cost-effective, and efficient alternatives to using forklifts or manual labor to relocate goods.

What Does the VRC in VRC Lift Stand for?

Vertical lifts are also known as "VRC lifts." The “VRC” in VRC lift stands for “vertical reciprocating conveyor.” Other names for vertical lifts include “freight lifts,” “vertical material lifts,” or simply “material lifts.”

Why Install a Vertical Lift Instead of an Elevator?

The cost difference between installing an elevator and installing a vertical lift is substantial. VRC lifts cost a fraction of what elevators do. 

The reason for this is that vertical lifts are designed to move materials, not passengers.

Because they don’t carry passengers, vertical lifts generally don’t need to meet the more stringent national elevator codes. This means that both the initial price and the maintenance costs of a vertical lift will be lower than that of an elevator, though they are just as effective at moving goods from one floor level to another.

How Will a Vertical Lift Pay for Itself in the Long Run?

The initial cost of a vertical lift is less than that of an elevator. But your company will also save money over time by investing in a vertical lift.

Vertical lifts require less maintenance than elevators, which must adhere to a stricter code because of the designation that allows them to carry passengers.

And mechanical vertical lifts, like those available from R.W. Martin, are less costly to maintain than hydraulic lifts.

Mechanical lifts are designed to run continuously when properly maintained, unlike hydraulic lifts, which require downtime due to the physics of hydraulic-driven lifting.

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Is There a Code of Safety Standards for Vertical Lifts?

Yes. Every vertical lift sold by R.W. Martin meets or exceeds the nationally recognized safety standards that govern conveyors as detailed in ANSI/ASME B20.1. Proper installation by lift professionals is required, however, for a vertical lift to meet this standard.

Consider the safety benefits to using a vertical lift to move materials from one floor level to another over the alternatives:

Safer than using forklifts: A vertical lift is safer to use than a forklift, which means that there is a lower likelihood of workplace accidents.

Fewer workplace injuries: Vertical lifts also keep your workers from having to manually move goods from one floor to another. This reduces the potential for injuries and workplace compensation claims. 

Overall, vertical lifts require less manpower than other methods of relocating goods from one floor to another. This means that productivity and efficiency are more likely to go up in a facility that uses a vertical lift.

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Why Should I Choose R.W. Martin When Considering a Vertical Lift for My Facility?

This is a great question. When you entrust R.W. Martin with your business, you aren’t just buying equipment from a seller. You’re also gaining access to the high level of knowledge and technical expertise that our professionals bring to every customer relationship.

R.W. Martin will work with your business to help you determine which vertical lift will best meet your needs. We’ll also install your lift and make sure that it's in good working order once it’s in place. And you’ll have the consultative support of our team for the life of your lift.

We only sell mechanical lifts manufactured by our partner, Custom Industrial Products (CIP). All CIP lifts are made in the USA.

Can R.W. Martin Customize a Vertical Lift to Meet My Exact Specifications?

Absolutely! R.W. Martin is here to help you solve all of your vertical storage-related problems. Our goal is to find the perfect solution for you.

If you require a lift built to accommodate a tight space, handle heavier loads, or overcome any other obstacles, we can help. We can also pair your vertical lift with a custom mezzanine to further maximize your usable space.

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What Types of Businesses Would Benefit from Installing a Vertical Lift?

A range of different businesses could benefit from the installation of a vertical lift.

The list includes warehouses and distribution centersautomotive dealerships and parts inventoriesfactoriesretail stores and wholesalers, and restaurants and hotels, to name just a few.

Schoolslibraries, and other public institutions will also see gains from the safety and efficiency that vertical lifts bring.

Practically any facility that needs to transport materials vertically can utilize a vertical lift. If you're wondering how a vertical lift could work for you, consult R.W. Martin. 

We're constantly striving to be the partner you rely on for all your material handling needs.

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Modular Vertical Lifts

PM Series: Low cost and easier to install

TL-M Series: Economical, versatile, and safe for smaller loads

Custom Vertical Lifts

C Series: Takes a variety of loads and works in low overhead areas

S Series: Robust, reliable, affordable, and fit for a wide variety of uses

FP Series: Takes heavier, larger loads supported by 4 steel posts

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