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Material Handling and Vertical Storage Solutions from R.W. Martin

Out of Space? "Go Up" for Less!

Instead of building out, why not utilize the existing vertical space your facility *already* has?

Combine a mezzanine with a vertical (VRC) lift from R.W. Martin and gain usable going up!

Mezzanines give you additional workspace, more office space, and extra storage capacity.

Vertical lifts give you easy access to your new, added space.

Going up is the affordable solution to your space problem.

R.W. Martin can fully customize your mezzanine and Vertical lift system to best meet the unique needs of your business.

Lead time is far shorter than that of new heavy construction—and at a fraction of the cost of adding new square footage.

Start the process by requesting a quote on a mezzanine or a vertical lift. R.W. Martin will determine how you can best utilize the space you have and work with you to design a fully-customized solution.

Mezzanines and vertical lifts from R.W. Martin—the efficient, cost-effective way to feed your company's growth!

Vertical Lift C Series
Training facility mezzanine


Is your facility short on space? You don't have to build can build up by adding a mezzanine.

Let the experts at R.W. Martin show you how you can increase your usable floorspace the quicker and more budget-friendly way.

GO UP With A Mezzanine

Vertical Lifts

Need to transport materials from one floor level to another?

Vertical lifts, also known as VRC lifts, are safer than using forklifts or manual labor to move goods between floors. And they're more cost-effective than freight elevators. 

R.W. Martin will help you find the best vertical lift solution for your facility. 

GO UP With A Vertical Lift
Vertical lift PM Series

R.W. Martin Is Your Trusted Source For


R.W. Martin has vertical lifts, mezzanines,
and more to help you get more space. 

Design Services

Let R.W. Martin devise the ideal solution
for your facility's unique layout.


The expert technicians at R.W. Martin will keep your
downtime to a minimum. 


Need help figuring out how to maximize your space?
R.W. Martin can help!

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