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Energy Efficient Wastewater Heat Recovery Equipment

If you are looking for wastewater heat recovery systems or other hot water equipment, you can rely on R.W. Martin to supply you with the high-efficiency machinery you need. R.W. Martin is a leading provider of laundry equipment solutions. In fact, we offer a variety of equipment types including tunnel washers, washer extractors, dryers, direct contact water heaters, and more! With more than 50 years of experience with industrial laundry machinery, we can help you find the ideal equipment for your facility depending on your application.

Hot water production is a crucial part of any laundry operation. Wastewater heat recovery systems not only help you maintain consistent production of hot water, but they also increase the efficiency at which your whole operation functions.

We offer a variety of wastewater recovery systems from proven manufacturers. Read below to learn more about our Kemco wastewater energy recovery systems.

Kemco Wastewater Heat Recovery Systems

A wastewater heat recovery system from Kemco will recover any lost thermal energy by taking heat from the wastewater and repurposing it for preheating fresh water. In fact, Kemco hot water heat recovery systems are exceptionally efficiency, providing up to a 5°F approach.

For example, if incoming fresh water is around 60 to 65°F, a Kemco waste water heat recovery unit will preheat water to a temperature within 5 to 10 degrees of the wastewater. As a result, you can save up to 60 percent of the energy involved achieve full return on your investment within 12 months to a year.

Kemco also designs their shell and tube waste water recovery systems to be mounted to the wall or ceiling. So, you can use your production floor space more effectively. Furthermore, Kemco wastewater energy recovery systems can produce multiple preheated temperatures simultaneously. Thus, they are ideal for hot and tempered water systems.

In addition to efficiency, Kemco’s stainless steel construction offers excellent corrosion resistance and a substantially longer operational lifespan. In fact, Kemco’s water heat recovery systems can meet and exceed TEMA standards for shell and tube heat exchangers.

The 4-Way Back Flushing System

Another key feature of Kemco domestic waste water heat recovery systems is the 4-Way Back Flushing system. This system removes the risk of plugging and also eliminates the need for manual cleanings of the exchanger.

The back flushing system never needs to be dismantled or cleaned, which is usually a requirement of other types of heat recovery systems. As a result, Kemco can provide a 20-year warranty with all hot water recovery system.

Lastly, Kemco drain water heat recovery systems do not require you to filter the wastewater before it enters the unit. As a result, Kemco machinery prevents excess electrical usage by the filtration systems and creates hotter water for the reclaimer.

Industrial Laundry Equipment Solutions | New & Pre-owned

In addition to wastewater heat recovery systems, R.W. Martin also offers a variety of other industrial laundry equipment solutions.

Direct Contact Water Heaters

In order for washing machines to work effectively, they need a constant stream of hot water. Hot water is a central resource of any laundry operation. With a direct contact water heater, you can ensure your facility always has the clean, hot water it needs. Without hot water, your operation will come to a complete stop. As a result, you will lose money to downtime and lower overall productivity.

With R.W. Martin, however, you can purchase the best direct contact water heater for your application. In fact, we have a full range of new and pre-owned direct contact water heaters from high-quality manufacturers like Kemco, Sioux, Jensen, Gibrau, and more! Furthermore, we offer competitive pricing to work within your budget.

Tunnel Washer Systems

Tunnel washers are continuous batch washing equipment with the unique ability to wash larger, heavy loads with incredible efficiency. These systems also offer increased water savings, reduced energy usage, and quick cleaning.

Tunnel washers are designed with perforated metal, so as the laundry moves in one direction, the hot water and cleaning solutions move in the opposite direction. As a result, the laundry is continuously introduced to cleaner water and chemicals as they move through the machine.

Tunnel washer operators can also feed linens into the opening of the machine continuously, as clean laundry exits from the other end. Thus, washing time decreases while you maximize your productivity.

The earlier models of tunnel washers could only use one cleaning solution at a time. However, the advanced tunnel washers we offer can adjust the chemical levels at each section of the tunnel. As a result, cleaning with tunnel washers is more effective, saving you time and money.

If you are interested in purchasing or renting a tunnel washer system for your facility, check our inventory by following the link below:

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