Used Industrial Washing Machine

Used Industrial Washing Machine

Looking for a reliable used industrial washing machine? R.W. Martin is the number-one resource for industrial laundry and dry cleaning equipment, so you can find the machinery your facility needs. With 50 years of experience in used industrial washing machines and other laundry equipment, we can provide the best solutions for any application.

We offer both new and pre-owned equipment and components as well as technical support, design services, plant and equipment installation services and much more! R.W. Martin offers expertise in every part of the laundry equipment industry, so we can give laundry and dry cleaning operations the tools they need to succeed. We are the leader in textile equipment sales, expertise, parts, and equipment reconditioning. If you’re looking for equipment like a heavy duty industrial washing machine, R.W. Martin is the supplier for you.

Huebsch Softmount OPL Washer Extractors | Used Industrial Laundry Machine

The Huebsch® softmount washer extractor is one of the many models of washing machines that we sell. These industrial washing machines provide smooth operation with a versatile freestanding design. They are also built for strength with stainless steel. As a result, you can significantly improve efficiency while reducing costs.

Key Product Features:

  • Variable speed: These machines have programmable wash speeds for superior linen care and improved drying times.
  • Easy Installation: Huebsch® washing machines have heavy-duty suspension systems with ideal spring and shock construction. As a result, the softmounts do not need special foundations, which keeps costs lower and offers more versatility.
  • Proven frame design: The formed steel construction offers exceptional strength and reliability.
  • Stainless steel cylinder and outer tub: High-durability and perforated cylinder ribs provide superior mechanical wash capabilities.
  • Large door openings: These openings make loading and unloading much simpler, improving overall productivity.

If you need a used industrial washing machine for your facility, contact R.W. Martin today!

Direct Contact Water Heaters
DC Water Heaters

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Equipment Solutions | New & Pre-owned

In addition to used industrial washing machines, R.W. Martin offers a variety of other new and pre-owned laundry equipment solutions.

DC Water Heaters

Facilities that require efficient production and usage of hot water need reliable direct contact water heaters. Without hot water, laundry facilities cannot perform cleaning operations. Therefore, unreliable water heaters can result in a complete halting of a laundry facility. As a result, these facilities experience significant downtime, wasting valuable time and money.

With R.W. Martin, however, facilities can install high-quality laundry and dry cleaning equipment. We offer the machinery you need, so you can avoid unnecessary downtime and maintain peak productivity. 

R.W. Martin is a leading supplier of DC water heaters from many reputable manufacturers including, Sioux and more. In fact, we offer competitive pricing for all new and used DC water heaters in our inventory.

Equipment failures and inefficient hot water production will slow down your facility and cost you money. With R.W. Martin, you can install state-of-the-art DC water heaters from proven manufacturers, so you can maintain a more productive operation.

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Coils

Laundry and dry cleaning coils are another R.W. Martin specialty. As a leading supplier of laundry coils, we offer unmatched experience in the design and manufacturing of steam coils. Thus, we can create custom coils to meet your application’s performance requirements. With our manufacturing capabilities, we can also replicate existing OEM coils or modify existing designs to improve performance.

R.W. Martin offers laundry and dry cleaning coils in a wide range of manifold and circuiting configurations. So, we can fulfill the performance requirements of virtually any laundry operation. We can also make additions to replacement units such as drain pans. All R.W. Martin coils and pans are made of stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant materials. As a result, you receive more longevity and efficiency from your coils, which minimizes overall maintenance needs.

Here at R.W. Martin, we offer many different high-quality coils to meet and exceed the performance requirements of any laundry application. Our laundry and dry cleaning coils include:

Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils are particularly difficult to gain access to, so they require more time and effort to maintain. This also means the installation of replacement coils is more time-consuming. With R.W. Martin, however, you receive custom evaporator coils that last longer with peak performance. As a result, you save more time and money on replacements and repairs.

Condenser Coils

R.W. Martin provides condenser coils in a variety of sizes as well as aluminum and copper fin configurations. We can also make custom condenser coils with sizes up to 30 feet for HVAC applications.

Water Coils: Hot, Cold, GLYCOL

We employ current design and manufacturing techniques, so we can provide the most precision in the production of AHRI-certified water coils. These coils are not only efficient, but they are also uniquely versatile. They offer optimal performance in a diverse array of applications. Whether you are replacing water coils or installing new ones, R.W. Martin offers superior products and competitive pricing.

Custom Coils

In addition to our other laundry and dry cleaning coil options, R.W. Martin can create custom coils to fulfill unique application requirements. Our custom coils can withstand even the toughest facility environments, so you can maintain peak productivity in applications with acidic water, salty air, and even corrosive chemicals.

Lint Filters & Cart Washers

Countless industries rely on industrial laundry and dry cleaning equipment to maintain productive operations. Hotels, health clubs, spas, hospitals, and more need sanitary, germ-free laundry to prevent health hazards for their customers.

Here at R.W. Martin, we sell used industrial lint filters and cart washers from proven manufacturers like Energenics Corp. and McClure Industries. With our diverse catalog of new and used machinery, you can clean laundry more efficiently while improving air and sanitation standards.

Looking for new and pre-owned industrial laundry equipment? Contact R.W. Martin today!

    Why Choose R.W. Martin?

    Over the past five decades, R.W. Martin strives to exceed every one of our customer’s expectations through the services we provide. As a trusted partner, we ensure that our customers receive the maximum benefit from our equipment or services. We are proud to provide new equipment sales, laundry parts, one-stop services, used laundry equipment, water solutions, and equipment reconditioning.

    If you’re seeking equipment like a heavy duty industrial washing machine, but you’re not sure about the price or performance in your facility, an R.W. Martin specialist will help you through the process. We will help determine what equipment is best for your facility based on production levels, as well as what machines will fit best in the facility. Contact us when you need new and used industrial laundry equipment, parts, service, technical support, design services, or installation questions.